Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine

Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine

An ATC (Automatic Tool Change) small CNC engraving machine is a type of CNC machine that is designed for engraving and cutting a variety of materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal, with high precision and efficiency. These machines are typically small in size and are suitable for use in small workshops or home-based businesses. The automatic tool change feature allows the machine to change tools automatically without the need for manual intervention, which saves time and increases productivity. This feature also allows the machine to use a variety of cutting tools, such as engraving bits, drilling bits, and milling bits, without the need for the operator to change them manually.

ATC small CNC engraving machines are commonly used in industries such as woodworking, jewelry making, and metalworking, as well as for hobbyists and makers who require precise and efficient machine tools for their projects. They are also commonly used in the production of small parts and prototypes.

What is the Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine?

This Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine is a small CNC wood carving machine with carousel automatic tool changer and full-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving.

Small engraving machine, also known as micro engraving machine, has a compact structure and small size. It uses improved industrial CNC operation software and typesetting processing software. It is stable and reliable, and the operation becomes extremely simple. Non-professionals can also quickly learn to use it.

Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine

An ATC (Automatic Tool Change) small CNC engraving machine is a machine used for engraving and cutting various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and foam. The machine is equipped with an automatic tool changer that allows for the quick and easy switching of cutting tools, which can include a variety of bits and end mills. The small size of the machine makes it ideal for use in smaller workshops, hobbyist settings, and even home-based businesses. The ATC feature allows for increased efficiency and productivity by reducing the need for manual tool changes, which can be time-consuming and labor-intensive.



1.Our metal mold engraving CNC router ,whole machine cast by iron,very strong,table moving,high precision.

2.The metal mold CNC machine imported Hiwin square rail and TBI ball screw for 3 axis.

3.NC studio control system with wireless handle ,easy to operation. Mach3  or DSP for option.

4.Leadshine hybrid servo motor and driver,fast speed and high precision.Japan servo motor for option.

5.Machine with lubricating system,spindle cover ,Japan Omron limit switch and Schneider eletrical components.

6.Working area is 600*900*200mm,the Z axis can make it according your needs.


♦ Economy CNC router machine professional for advertising design.

♦ 1.5 kw water cooling spindle with 24000r/min.

♦ NC studio Controller ;handle operation ;dustproof design,is very convenient.

♦ Low price and portable


Wood: can process cabinet , wood door , solid wood , plate-type , windows , table , chairs , etc

Decoration: screen,wave plate,huge-scale hanging,advertisement plates,markings making;

Arts: can engrave on man-made stone, wood, bamboo, marble, acrylic, double-colored board beautiful drawings and letters.

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