Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

IGOLDENCNC furniture design dismantling production system

CNC furniture design software is divided into storefront design end, factory design end, factory production end, and multiple storefront ends. The factory can achieve unified management and control. After the cabinet is designed at the storefront, it is transmitted to the factory. The factory does not need to redesign. The design drawing can be opened quickly and accurately to dismantle the order, and the processing information such as slotting, punching, and cutting can be generated and uploaded to the CNC machine, can be processed and produced.

Multi Spindle CNC Router MachineFour heads engraving machine

Mulity Spindle Panel cutting machine

Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

The software has the following 11 major advantages:

  1. The software has built-in hundreds of models of common cabinets, wardrobes, balcony cabinets, shoe cabinets, Bogu shelves, partition cabinets and other models in the market. Users only need to select the cabinet body and input the external dimensions, and then they can fold the order with one click and produce G code. Docking with machine wood cnc.
  2. Users can drag and drop panels arbitrarily to form a cabinet to realize the customization of non-standard furniture in the true sense.
  3. Users do not need to change their own production process, the software built-in production process supports user customization, adjustment and modification.
  4. After the user drags and drops the panel to generate the cabinet, it can be saved to the product library, which is convenient for the next call, modify the relevant parameters of the cabinet, and quickly fold the production.
  5. The ever-changing red wine grid can be arbitrarily designed without designing templates.
  6. The perspective view of the hardware groove line is convenient for users to check whether the design process is wrong.
  7. Optimize the layout, support users to manually drag the board, rotate, and automatically absorb and align, which further reduces waste of residual materials and improves the probability of next use.
  8. After designing the cabinet, you can export processing information, sheet material list, hardware accessories list, quotation and renderings with one click.
  9. After the dealer has designed the furniture drawing, it will be sent to the factory. The factory does not need to redraw it. Just open the drawing to quickly dismantle the order.
  10. Automatically generate barcode labels, scan and pack, and intelligently sort to prevent wrong and missing parts of packaging boards.
  11. The software can be connected to any type of CNC router 1325 such as Yake machining centers, the front-end cabinet is arbitrarily designed, and the back-end optimized layout has a high utilization rate of raw materials.

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