3D Stone Engraving Machine Operation Process

The 3D stone engraving machine is an advanced fully automatic CNC cutting machine, which is mainly used for processing stone, marble and other kinds of stone, which can realize drilling, cutting, lettering and so on.

3d Stone Engraving Machine

3D Stone Engraving Machine Operation Process

1. Before using the stone cnc router machine, be sure to check the lubricity of the cnc router machine tool accessories and whether the protection device of the stone cnc router machine can meet the engraving needs.

2. In the process of operating the stone cnc router machine, be sure to observe whether the stone cnc router machine and other accessories show signs of loosening. If signs of loosening are found, the operation of the stone cnc router machine should be stopped immediately to prevent damage during processing. The product causes an impact and causes unnecessary losses to the factory.

3. After the speed of the stone cnc router machine reaches a certain high speed, attention should be paid to the environment around the cnc router machine to prevent unnecessary collisions.

4. After encountering the abnormal noise of the machine engine, the cnc router machine should be stopped immediately to check whether it is the cause of the machine itself.

5. In the process of stone processing, the cnc router machine machine itself cannot stack some tools, workpieces, etc. casually. It is forbidden to touch the rotating parts when rotating, and the machine cannot be tilted on the machine.

6. After the operation is completed, carefully wipe the machine, and after cleaning the work site, disconnect the power supply.

The 3D stone engraving machine is a precision numerical control equipment, and the necessary daily maintenance and maintenance are crucial to the service life and accuracy of the machine.

The continuous running time is less than 10 hours a day to ensure the cleanliness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the pump. Never make the water spindle motor run out of water. Change the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high. If the working environment temperature is too low in winter, the water in the water tank can be replaced with antifreeze.
Every time the machine is used up, pay attention to cleaning, be sure to clean the dust on the platform and transmission system, and regularly (weekly) lubricate and lubricate the transmission system (X, Y, Z three axes)
Maintenance and inspection of electrical appliances are to cut off the power supply, and only after the monitor has no display and the main circuit power indicator goes

It is recommended to perform routine maintenance checks on the machine to ensure better uptime and productivity. Appropriate implementation and maintenance of CNC machines can avert catastrophic machinery failures and ensure longevity with barely any downtime.

3d Stone Engraving Machine

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