PVC Automatic Edge Banding Machine

Maintenance Tips Of Auto Edge Banding Machine

The auto edge banding machine can perform linear edge banding, trimming and polishing on furniture boards with high accuracy and efficiency, but a lot of people in the use of the process, easy to ignore the maintenance work.Although maintenance and maintenance will consume a certain amount of manpower and material resources, but also to maintain the maintenance of good equipment. Because the value of the equipment is very high, on time as required maintenance of equipment, not only to ensure normal production, but also to extend the service life of the equipment, the maximum use of the value of the equipment. Next, I will summarize four important points for you to pay attention to:

PVC Automatic Edge Banding MachineOne, Regular maintenance
Sealing machine to carry out regular maintenance, and to each maintenance work record, record the wearing degree of bearings, gears, blades, etc. Usually the recuperation cycle of the edge sealing machine is about 20 days, and the specific maintenance interval should be carried out on time as required.

Two, Keep clean and tidy
The banding machine should clean the wood chips and various sundries after each work to prevent them from winding on the motor and causing the motor to get stuck. Clean up some stains on the surface of the machine, keep the edge sealing machine clean, and prevent harmful substances from causing corrosion on the surface of the machine.

Three, regular lubrication
The sealing machine regularly handles the lubrication system, cleaning the chains, sprockets, gears and bearings of each part, and then maintains the machine oil. In the selection of lubricants should also pay attention to the choice of good quality, so as to better prolong the service life of the machine.

Four, Data backup
Most of today’s automatic edge sealing machines are connected to the computer, so as to achieve automatic operation, if there is a problem with the computer system, it will affect the normal operation of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary to back up the set data regularly, so as to avoid the loss of data and the impact on production. The machine shall be checked regularly, and the damaged components shall be replaced in time. In particular, the damaged steel ball shall be replaced in time, or the castings will be worn.

The edge banding function of the automatic edge banding machine usually includes preheating, pre-grinding, bonding and pressing. For the functions of front, rear, rough repair, finishing, scraping, grooving and polishing, traditional customers will cancel the functions of pre-milling and grooving. In this way, the cutting and reduction of the previous process wil be more stringent. According to the requirements, there must be no edge collapse, the cutting board is at a 90 degree angle, and there is no uneven surface. This phenomenon is very common in cutting machines. (The horizontal and vertical textures of splicing boards, harder ecological boards, etc., should be replaced in time to slow down the travel speed.)

This auto edge banding machine is suitable for PVC, ABS, MDF, Solid, shaving board, Melamine, Batten, Veneer ,plywood and particle board etc.

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