Small Mini 6060 ATC Engraving Machine

Hobby CNC Router_ Mini CNC Router

Affordable hobby cnc router also named as:  mini advertising hobby cnc router table. Mainly for 2d 3d projects carving milling and cutting, which used in advertising industry (such as LED word, acrylic lighting word, aluminum and copper carving); Woodworking Industry (such as wood, MDF, cabinet, wooden door);  Because of  hobby CNC router machine for sale with high precision, long life, low cost without maintenance, so it is very popular in small advertising companies, workshop, small business and home use.

Hobby CNC Router table size:

Affordable hobby cnc router machine have model: 6060, 6090, 6012, 9015, 1212, and working table size: 600*600mm, 600*900mm, 600*1200mm, 900*1500mm, 1200*1200mm, maybe some regions describe cnc router table size with feet: 2*2,  2*3,  2*4,  3*5,  4*4 etc. We also accept custom wood cnc router table sizes, then can meet customer needs.Its excellent processing precision enables it to be good at cutting and carving wood, acrylic, and plastic advertising signs, letters, logos, double-colored boards, and also guitar, Erhu, or other string instruments. Based on your needs, you can add a rotating spindle, ATC, or other higher configurations.

6060 Mold CNC Router Engraving Machine

In which industries can the hobby CNC router be applied?

Advertising industry: Hobby CNC router can process double-color plate lettering, signage making, PVC cutting, billboard making, mini word, and light word cutting, etc. And it can also do advertising signs, acrylic cutting, blister molding, logo production, and production of advertising products with multiple materials.

Woodworking industry: This hobby CNC router can make three-dimensional wave board processing, screens, cabinet doors, craft wooden doors, solid wood doors. And it can also do paint-free doors, craft fan window processing, shoe polishers, game machine cabinets and panels, mahjong tables, computer tables, and panel furniture processing.

Mold industry: This mini CNC router can engrave metal molds such as copper, aluminum, iron. And it can also process non-metal molds such as artificial marble, sand, plastic plates, PVC pipes, and wood panels. Craft gift industries: It can engrave all kinds of large-scale reliefs and shadow carvings in the craft gift industry.

Metal products’ industry: Hobby CNC router can do copper and aluminum hollow cutting and engraving. And it mainly includes rail transit, electrical appliances, electric cabinet boxes, vehicles, curtain walls, architectural decoration, hardware products, aluminum parts.

Mold industry: mini CNC router can also process copper electrodes, punches, stainless steel badges, bronze medals, wax molds, etc.

Hobby CNC Router for sale type:

Hobby cnc router also named as: Hobby cnc machine, hobby cnc router price, advertising cnc router, mini cnc router, small cnc router, hobby cnc routers for sale, cnc router for home use, cnc router for carpenter, cnc router machine for small business, cnc router for shoes mold, cnc router for metal milling,  hobby cnc router kit, hobby cnc router bits, hobby milling router machine etc.

A hobby CNC router is also called a small CNC router, desktop CNC router, home CNC router, Mini CNC router. Compared with other ordinary CNC router machines, this hobby CNC machine has a relatively small size. And it’s mainly including 600×900 mm and 1200×1200 mm. This type of small CNC machine has a compact structure and a small footprint. Therefore, it is easy to move and use. And this hobby CNC router adopts advanced industrial numerical control operation software and typesetting processing software to complete various processing requirements on the small workpiece of users. Therefore, the hobby CNC router is popular among woodworking enthusiasts and in the advertising industry.

Customers should choose the model and power of their hobby CNC router according to their business needs and financial status. The common processing sizes of small CNC machines include general small-format engraving machines such as 600 mm×600 mm, 600 mm×900 mm, and 120 mm×120 mm. Engraving two-color plates are the most basic application of small CNC machines. And it has good acceptance.

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