Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

5 Axis Router Machines for Sale

Advanced 5 axis cnc router, also known as 5 axis cnc machining center, 5 axis cnc milling machine, is good at space curved surface processing, special-shaped processing, hollow processing, punching, oblique drilling, chamfering, etc. It is widely used in aerospace, military scientific research, precision machinery, high-precision medical equipment, normal manufacturing, etc.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

What is a 5-Axis CNC Machine?

Just about everyone associated with manufacturing has heard about 5-axis CNC machines, but it’s likely that relatively few of them actually understand what it means. Computer numerically controlled machines, commonly known as CNC, refers to those machine tools in which a cutting tool moves along programmed paths to accomplish any number of tasks that can include turning, drilling, boring, or cutting.

Work table Moving 5 Axis CNC Router

To see how far machining has come, you need to realize where it was just a few decades ago. Take the example of a manual 3-axis vertical milling machine. The table can move right or left at the direction of the operator, which signifies the “X” axis. The table can also move in and out, and that’s the “Y” axis. Finally, the operator can establish the depth of the cut by moving the cutting tool head up or down, representing the “Z” axis.

A 3-axis CNC router has those same three movements; only a computer handles the conversion of a CAD design into coordinates that allow it to move in all three directions simultaneously. The instructions from the software are used by the cutting tool to remove the material and create a three-dimensional part.

CNC routers, a favorite of the woodworking industry, work under these same principles for creating cabinets and three-dimensional signs, among a host of other applications like this work of art below.

The Complexities of 5-Axis Machining

CNC machines can achieve their 5-axis capability in one of two ways: they can swivel the tool head, or they can move the table and the material.

Swivel head machines maneuver the tool around the fixed block of material to machine around and through the piece and get into tight spaces from different angles. One benefit of this method is that a more massive object can be machined since the block of material remains stationary throughout the process. Take a look at the short video of the Laguna SmartShop III to see a swivel head in action. This method of 5-axis machining is often called 3+2 axis routing.

Other CNC routers can move the material on the table to get their additional two axes. By rotating the piece around one or both of the axes (usually X and Y), there is more speed and stability throughout the operation as the machine makes continuous adjustments to the cutting tool on all five axes to keep the tip perpendicular to the cutting surface. This way of machining is referred to as continuous 5-axis CNC machining.

Take notice of the difference in methods as the Smart Shop III uses a rotating axis to create the stock of a Mossberg rifle in this YouTube video.

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