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Whole House Custom Panel Furniture Cnc Cutting Machine

With the prevalence of custom panel furniture in the whole house, traditional engraving machines can no longer meet the cutting and engraving function of diversified furniture, and the emergence of CNC cutting machines meets the cutting and processing of custom panel furniture in the whole house. So what kinds of cutting machines are available for custom panel furniture for the whole house? iGolden CNC cutting machine manufacturers to share with you.

furniture CNC cutting machine
furniture CNC cutting machine

The introduction of several models of front-end CNC cutting machine equipment:

  1. Double-process row drill cutting machine: a model composed of two main shafts and a 5+4 row drill. There are two main shafts, one for cutting, the other for drawing grooves, and the drilling kit is used to drill holes of different specifications. They are mainly used for processing cabinet-like panel furniture such as cabinets and wardrobes.
  2. Four-process CNC blanking machine: This machine has four spindles, which can automatically switch the spindle to punch, slot, and open the plate. The processing efficiency is three to four times higher than that of the single-head CNC blanking machine. The equipment can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading device, eliminating the need for manual pick-up and higher efficiency.
  3. Double-station four-process CNC cutting machine: This equipment has two work surfaces, which can put two boards at the same time, and the efficiency is about 1.5 times higher than that of the ordinary four-process cutting machine.
  4. CNC Woodworking Machining Center: This is generally called a disc tool change machining center. It has a 9kw spindle and a tool magazine. The capacity of the tool magazine is generally 8-12 knives. Of course, 16 or 20 knives can be customized. No matter it is cutting, grooving, or punching, the tool can be changed automatically, which saves the trouble of manual tool changing. It is very suitable for gate-shaped processing.
furniture CNC cutting machine
furniture CNC cutting machine

Introduction of back-end CNC drilling and machining center equipment:

  1. The CNC side hole machine is a special equipment that only punches side holes. The front-end cutting machine needs to open the material, punch vertical holes, and slot. It is an economic transitional punching device.
  2. Five-sided drilling can automatically identify all holes and slots for one-time five-sided drilling and grooving through wireless code scanning, automatic positioning, automatic clamping during processing, automatic feeding into the processing area, and automatic exit after processing Material, manual sorting, high work efficiency, an average processing of about 260 square meters per day, low labor intensity, and double the output compared with the traditional connection.
  3. The six-sided drill can automatically identify all holes and slots through wireless scanning of the code. One-time six-sided drilling and slotting on the front and back.

The processing is one-time automatic clamping and positioning, without turning the plate, and automatically sent to the processing area. After processing, it is automatically discharged and manually sorted. The work efficiency is high, and the average processing is more than 300 square meters per day.

In general, the whole house custom panel furniture CNC cutting machine has the above four main models. Although the functions are similar, there are still differences in specific applications. There are also three models for the back-end punching. How to choose the whole house custom panel furniture cutting machine and punching equipment must be carefully considered in accordance with your actual situation, production volume, investment, factory location, and later development.

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