Four Process Nested CNC Router

How To Deal With The Dust During The Work Of Kitchen Cabinet Making Machine

The cabinet making machine is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets.


Four Process Nested CNC Router


Kitchen cabinet making machine is suitable for home cabinets making, cabinet door making, kitchen cabinets making, decorative cabinets making, wall cabinets making, wood cabinets making, base cabinets making, corner cabinets making, and more custom cabinets making in kitchen, bathroom, garage, living room, and office.

When many users use CNC nesting machine, if there is no dust or vacuum, it will bring certain harm to the machine and people. To fundamentally eliminate dust pollution, it is necessary to take a comprehensive management route and start from production. Start with the equipment and choose reasonable CNC opener equipment, supplemented with certain dust and dust removal measures. However, under current conditions, the most effective measure is to choose dust removal equipment. The choice of dust removal equipment must consider aspects such as the degree of purification required by the operation site and the nature of the dust. Large-scale wood dust and medium-sized wood dust can be collected on-site in time. For the most harmful fine wood dust, the traditional and effective method is to use pneumatic dust collection devices or bag vacuum equipment to collect. If it is not installed, a stand-alone dust collection and dust collection device can be added to the machine tool itself, which can also achieve better results. For safety reasons, operators should wear protective glasses and dust masks to protect the eyes and respiratory organs, especially workers operating on machine tools that produce fine wood dust, should wear large masks to prevent dust damage.



kitchen cabinet making machine features

1) Control part: The equipment adopts 7-inch touch screen and plc control, friendly interface, intuitive and easy to operate, with memory function, can store a variety of process data, and improve work efficiency.
(2) Electrical components: use Chint brand, national standard pure copper high temperature wire. Stable performance and highdurability.
(3) Heating and heat preservation: stainless steel quartz heating tube, high-density aluminum row heat dissipation, heating at the bottom of the working plate, heating up and down, auxiliary heating around, heating more quickly and evenly. Thick rock wool, good heat preservation, energy saving and electricity saving.
(4) Vacuum part: The vacuum pump is 100 pumps directly connected with German technology and high quality, and the extended double gas storage tank (1900mm*450mm) has larger air storage capacity. The advantages are large suction and good shape.
(5) Walking system: rack and pulley drive, reliable, never derail, and improve the yield.
(6) Personalized configuration: The workbench is equipped with inflation function to prevent the film from folding. Two dust blowing guns are provided as standard, which is convenient for removing dust on the door panel.

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