6060 Mold CNC Router Engraving Machine

6060 Mold CNC Router Milling Machine for Sale

6060 Mold Engraving Machine, also known as mould milling machine, is a high-efficiency and high-precision CNC mould engraving machine, designed for the processing and production of small mould in the mould industry. It is widely used in the mold industry, industrial processing and handicraft processing industry.

6060 Mold CNC Router Engraving Machine

Details of Mold CNC Engraving Machine

This 4040/6060/6090 small CNC router is mainly used for plastic, aluminum die-cast, and aluminium extrusion material types, wood, PCB, iron, copper, able to perform milling for various shapes and sizes, Recommended for small quantity customization.

Machine cast by iron, very strong, special for metal engraving, moving table.

6060 Mold CNC Router Engraving Machine

Sample & Application of 6060 CNC Engraving Machine

The CNC milling machine is used for Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Stainless steel, mold steel, MDF sheets, PMMA, PVC sheets, ABS sheet, KT sheet, Timber, Gemstone, Marble, Aluminum, and plastic composite panel, Iron, Copper, Aluminum, Plastics, etc.

  1. It is suitable for engraving, milling, and drilling compactly all sorts of materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, and plastics.
  2. It is widely used in automotive, injection mould, ironware mould, and engrave mould industries.
  3. It is specially designed for engraving and milling molds, eyeglasses, watch, panel, badge, brand, graphics, and words of three-dimensional and outside surface’s sleeking of large size molds.

Machine Advantages of CNC Engraving Machine

  1. Whole cast-iron structure, steady structure, high rigidity,precision 0.01mm.
  2. Three axis all use Germany ball screw and Taiwan linear orbits, also installed with Japan bevel math bearing for ball screw to make sure the accuracy and reposition precision.
  3. Adopt table movement to keep stable.
  4. Adopt high-speed water cooling variable frequency motor, big torque, strong cutting, high-frequency , long life, can be long time continuous working
  5. Mold CNC Router adopts high-end configuration, cast iron structure, Germany ball screw, and use table movement to keep machine stable. And it include semi-enclosed type and totally-enclosed type, you can choose the one you need .

What can machine used be?

The machine can be used in the processing of wooden die, metal mould, plastic moudle, automobile tire, hardware label, toy, artworks, die, bronzing mould, high frequency, embossing wheel mould, die casting process, graphite electrode, mobile phone, camera and MP3, etc.

Advertising : billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel,

literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould.

Decoration: acrylic, density board, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum, etc.

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