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7 technical features of woodworking engraving machine

In the current form, the technical functions of the woodworking engraving machine are becoming more and more powerful, which makes the application process of woodworking enterprises more and more time-saving and labor-saving. The following introduces the seven technical characteristics of Jiabang CNC woodworking engraving machine, so that everyone can feel the progress of science and technology. convenience.

CNC Wood Carving MachineDisplay machining path and simulation graph

Visually display the processing process and observe the processing effect, which can pre-check the rationality of the processing effect, thereby reducing the trial cutting process and reducing the processing cost.

The processing plan can be evaluated to help you choose a reasonable processing technology.

Breakpoint memory function

When your equipment is suddenly powered off (or the knife is broken, or the material is half unfinished due to material processing, or some places still need further processing), you can use this function to continue the engraving work.

CNC engraving machine

Optimized arc instructions

Engraving a circle is as fast as engraving a straight line, and the cut surface is very smooth. After using the arc command, the engraving curve is faster and smoother, the embossing effect is better, and there is no pause during the engraving process.

Compatible with all kinds of excellent engraving software in the world

Connect to the world’s best engraving software, such as: MASTERCAM\ARTCAM, etc. It can also be compatible with domestic engraving software, such as Jingdiao JDP, Wentai, etc.

The raw G code can be edited directly

When the G code made by the user needs to be further modified, it can be directly read (opened in the notepad format of WINDWS), which is convenient for you to operate the file.

The woodworking engraving machine can be programmed by itself

You can directly edit some concise programs to test the performance of the equipment, and you can also transfer advanced users for special needs.

Processing timing

The program greatly facilitates your choice when purchasing a woodworking engraving machine. By comparing the same piece of processing, you can choose the product you are satisfied with. If you need to mass-produce products, you can budget your processing time, or you can Help you choose the most efficient machining mode.

The advantages of woodworking engraving machine:

Durable: using GB standard steel

Compared with the traditional pier-type assembly process, the equipment runs more smoothly and the product precision is higher;

The heavy-duty fuselage is seamlessly welded and quenched, stable and non-deformed, with large bearing capacity, effectively reducing resonance;

Milling the connection datum surface, drilling the installation datum hole as a whole at one time, the machining accuracy is higher after assembly;

Thickened square steel gantry has good rigidity and high stability, ensuring machining accuracy.

7 technical features of CNC woodworking engraving machine

Strong suction: double-layer vacuum suction table

The double-layer vacuum adsorption table can effectively adsorb various size and different plates;

Fuling inverter, stable output current, strong suppression ability, perfect protection function;

High precision: brand components

Taiwan’s original 25 guide rail flange slider has the characteristics of strong rigidity, high precision, low wear and high transmission efficiency;

Taiwan TBI ball screw has both high precision, reversibility, high rigidity, low friction loss and high transmission efficiency;

Taiwan original precision rack and pinion, not easy to wear, alloy corrosion resistance, long life, high precision;

High-precision positioning cylinder, compact size, good durability, long-term use without deformation;

Precision automatic tool setting instrument, machine automatic tool setting, higher precision and faster work efficiency.

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