Celebrate Christmas Eve with CNC cutting creativity

Merry Christmas! iGOLDENCNC wishes you a happy holiday! As we all know, Christmas is one of the most important holidays in many countries/regions. To celebrate this, we spend time with family, relatives and friends. Then we dress Santa Claus, decorate the house, prepare delicious dishes and cook delicious dishes. How are you going to celebrate Christmas? Who are you going to be with? If you are looking for ideas to celebrate a particularly amazing Christmas, then congratulations on finding this article! In the following content, we provide you with exquisite CNC cutting ideas that can make exquisite and practical Christmas objects.


Homemade CNC router cutting Thanksgiving door sign

To make your home full of festive atmosphere, it is best to put a Christmas plaque on the door. CNC router machine can easily complete this work, with simple operation and low cost. You only need to prepare a rope and a piece of leather (if you can’t find leather, you can also use wood, acrylic or paper). Homemade CNC router can cut large and thick materials, so the size and thickness of the house number is completely up to you. Of course, you can laser cut letters on the plate, such as “Merry Christmas, and then engrave one or two Santa Claus patterns around the letters to decorate the plate. Finally, hang the plate with rope.” Then complete a good plate.


CNC cutting Christmas wall hanging

In addition to the house number, the interior of our house also needs special decorative elements to enhance the festive atmosphere. Tapestry is a good project, beautiful tapestries will make people happy. Wall hangings are expensive. You can make beautiful tapestries by yourself. Prepare unused wooden, plastic or acrylic boards. Food, fruits, flowers, letters. All of these can be easily cut by Homemade CNC router. The walls are small particles and the surface is very clean. In addition, you do not need to perform any other processing.


CNC cutting Thanksgiving table decoration

Table decoration is also an important part of decorating the Christmas house. Your family and visitors will be attracted to the table decoration. Paper, plastic, leather, wood and acrylic are useful and inexpensive materials for designing and making table decorations. If you have some idle materials in your home, you can paint them with beautiful colors, and then CNC engrave them to make beautiful table decorations. Cutting table decorations with CNC machine is fast and easy, and the blades are very clean. Moreover, the finished product is not deformed.


CNC cutting Thanksgiving photo frame

When we celebrate the holidays in North Carolina, we always look forward to capturing many beautiful photos with family and friends to record happy times. You can print the photo, and then use the CNC machine to cut out the frame to decorate the photo. Using a Homemade CNC router can easily cut complex designs without worry. This photo frame not only allows us to spend the Christmas holiday beautifully, but also makes our house decorated with taste.

Finally, we express our gratitude to everyone, as well as our customers, partners and friends. We sincerely wish you and your family a happy, safe and warm Christmas holiday!

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