Tips for Selecting ATC CNC Router Machine

Generally speaking, we better understand what they want to buy before buying. Whether it is machine, computer or even a car. The ATC CNC router machine is not an abnormality.

Therefore, we share this short blog with you. We hope this article will help you choose the machine.

ATC is an abbreviation for automatic tool. Computer numerical control is the abbreviation of CNC. We will use their abbreviations in the following paragraphs. Therefore, the ATC CNC router machine is a machine that controls all functions over a computer. And the entire machine can indicate cutting, engraving, or engraving different kinds of raw materials.

ATC CNC router machine category

The ATC CNC router can be divided into two major categories. On the one hand, the machine can be designed using a linear tool replacement, just like a 1325 China ATC CNC wood router. Another type is to rotate the wood horse tool change type, such as shooting 2060 3D ATC CNC router. Let us enjoy the following videos.

No matter what they are, different tools can be installed. And you can take the amount of tools according to your needs.

On the other hand, the machine can automatically replace more than 8 sets of tools during engraving, which is different from the multi-head CNC router machine. In this case, work efficiency can be greatly promoted.

The ATC CNC router machine can be customized to achieve more features.

The ATC router can be designed using a rotary device. The rotating device includes a fixing body and a shaft. As the fourth axis of the CNC router, it can replace the column processed X-axis or Y-axis, such as chair frames, staircase frames, Roman columns, columns, etc.

In addition, the rotating device can be removed and placed to the desired position. It can also be disassembled during transportation and processing. For example, take a 1530 Carousel ATC CNC router.

The ATC CNC router can be designed to engrave three-dimensional objects and molds.

The spindle of the machine can swing ± 90 °, very suitable for the wall plate milling, drilling, locking groove

The machine has been widely used in processing cabinets, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, panel wooden furniture, windows, tables and chairs and others. Take 1530 4-axis woodworking CNC router.

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