CNC Stone Machining Center

CNC Stone Machining Center,CNC Stone Engraving Machine

Stone Marble Granite CNC Router Engraving machine

Igoldencnc iGS-ATC is a 3 interpolated axes CNC milling, polishing and calibrating machine with automatic tools change, for the treatment of marble, granite and agglomerate slabs. It allows to calibrate, drill, mill, rout, hone and polish, to perform engravings, straight and curvilinear cuts with incremental passes by means of diamond milling tools.

China CNC Precision Machining

Our workshop and production facility is equipped with two CNC machining centres with 5 interpolated axes, for high speed precision stone working. The two numerically controlled machines have a tilting table and are extremely versatile since they can perform both basic machining (multiple, inclined, oblique disc cuts, orthogonal and polygonal cuts, circles and arcs), and more advanced and complex processing (CAD cutting, roughing, shaping, horizontal and vertical profiling). In addition to this, the machines can carry out 2D and 3D work, with cutting discs, blades or other tools (milling, drilling and contouring, low relief engraving on 3D surfaces, lettering, lathe work, 3D scanning). These innovative machines have made it possible to develop new ways of using stone, both in architecture and interior design where, with limitless creativity, imagination and artistic inspiration are free to explore unusual means of expression.

CNC Stone Machining Center

CNC Stone Carving Machine Model. iGS-ATC is basically for stone and aluminum working, with a working size 1300mm by 2500mm. It has a water coolant system for the tools, which protects the cutter from broken and prevents the stone shavings from sticking to the bits. The working bed is a combination of ordinary aluminum profile table and water pot; The pot is essential for the coolant system; it makes the water recyclable. Furthermore, anti-dust and anti-water design on X & Y axis is an excellent protection for precise transmission parts. Affordable cnc stone carving machine for sale with unmatched support now!

CNC Stone Machining Center

One machine with multiple functions: one machine can replace multiple traditional equipment and reduce multiple process handover.

Easy to learn and easy to use: workers who can understand the drawings can start to operate in a day, with almost no requirements for operators.

Better efficiency: the processing efficiency of Taizhong basin, edge grinding, back round bottom water retaining and other processes is 1-10 times of that of artificial

Environmental protection and health: the whole machine adopts water dedusting and water cooling to avoid producing a lot of dust and refusing pneumoconiosis.

Complete technology: it can not only be used for grinding the front hanging shape of Roman edge and European edge, but also can be used for various basin technologies such as Taizhong basin, taixia basin, and leach tank, as well as the whole back water retaining round bottom, which is very difficult to be processed manually. At the same time, it can also take into account the special cutting and grinding functions.

CNC Stone Center

CNC Stone Machining Center


Application Fields

Suitable for artificial stone, quartz stone, marble countertops and wash basins, tea tray carvings, European style edging, and other shaped stone materials, ceramic, glass and microcrystalline stone drilling, sanding, chamfering, engraving and so on.

• Countertops

• Shower trays

• Bas-reliefs

• Funeral tablets/gravestones

• Commemorative plates

• Furniture

• Fireplace

• Inlays

CNC Granite Sink Stone Cutting and Polishing Equipment

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