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3 Axis CNC Routers are used in sign making to carve signs in wood, plastic, bronze, aluminum, foam, composites and other materials. The simultaneous 3 axis motion with the appropriate software allows full 2D & 3D capability that provides sign makers the ability to work with practically any material.

CNC Router MachineWe understand that sign makers needs are unique. That’s why we have designed our SignPro series of CNC routers that are specific for the sign making industry.

Benefits of Producing Signs using a 3 Axis CNC Routers

Meet Unique Client Expectations

Unlike in the past, the average sign buyer doesn’t want an ordinary “buy here” or “on-sale” banner. They want creative, unique, and aesthetically-pleasing signs. Just like you, their success depends on how well they stand out. A CNC router for sign-making creates intricate, unique, visually pleasing signs that would otherwise be very hard to achieve using traditional techniques.

CNC Router Machine

Enhance Productivity

When making custom signs, traditional hand tools may get the job done, but not as fast as a CNC router machine. The collective result of high speed, efficiency, specialization, precision and most of all, fewer labor hours that come with adding a CNC router to your sign production all add up to a better bottom line for your business.

Increase Your Versatility

As a signmaker, your CNC machine needs to have more versatility than a traditional woodworking router. Unlike a traditional router, our CNC sign making machines can be used for routing, digital cutting using a tangential knife and digital finishing using a visual registration system.

All our CNC routers are designed with the average signmaker in mind. They have a friendly learning curve and can be used by individuals who’ve never previously used a CNC router.

Contact us today to have them help you find a CNC sign making machine perfect for your unique business needs.


This 4×8 cnc router 1325 table size is also called 3 axis CNC Wood Router machine. With popular working size of 1325 (1300×2500 cm), it is suitable for wooden industry, furniture industry, technology research, advertising design, arts creation, and hobby purposes.

Model ELECNC-1325


Rating 4.0 /5 based on 28 ratings and reviews

X, Y,Z Working Area1300×2500*200mm / 4×8 feet

Working Voltage380V/3PH/50Hz (option)

TableVacuum table with 4 zones

Control SystemDSP A11 control

Drive Motors FL118 Motor and Leadshine 860H

Features of the 3 Axis CNC Routers

  1. With a large working area, 4×8 cnc router machine is designed for large engraving work such as wooden industrial, building model making, PCB, advertising signs, artwork, crafts, aircraft models, MDF etc.
  2. Adopting adjusting screw design, it can help to adjust the height to keep same level to maintain processing precision.
  3. Single control box placed inside machine, it can save more working space.

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