laser marking machine

Advantages of laser marking machine

Special materials can be carved, non-toxic and pollution-free

The laser marking machine can engrave icons on the surface of any regular or irregular graphics, and the product will have no internal stress after engraving, ensuring the original precision of the product, so it is very suitable for high hardness (such as cemented carbide). , highly demanding products with brittleness (such as solar wafers), high melting point and high precision (such as precision machine tools).

laser marking machineLaser marking production and processing are used for light contact, non-mechanical contact and no mechanical stress. Laser marking does not corrode the work surface, has no mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress on the material, and does not have any chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the environment. The material has no “knife” wear, is non-toxic and will not pollute the environment. Comply with the national GB7247-87; GB10320-88 standards. It is an environmentally friendly and green high-tech product and equipment.

Laser marking will never fade and has permanent advantage

Using the laser beam of the laser marking machine to directly ablate patterns or text content, it will not fade due to environmental changes, long time, touch, acid and subtractive gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc., and cannot delete, so invalid changes won’t be dropped and can be retained permanently.

laser marking machine

Laser marking has the advantages of anti-counterfeiting, anti-smuggling and traceability

The information recorded by the laser marking process is not so easy to imitate and modify. It can be said that it is a permanent icon, which can effectively inhibit product identification counterfeiting, and has the advantage of anti-counterfeiting and anti-smuggling.

The laser marking machine can engrave the product’s batch number, production date, bar code, etc., and the advantage that it cannot be imitated or modified is beneficial to the product’s traceability record, which It can enable each product to get good tracking performance and meet product traceability needs.

Laser marking is more precise and more competitive in the market

The product pattern and text content engraved by the laser marking machine are more refined, the line width can be as small as 10 microns, and the depth can be less than 10 microns. You can mark the surface of “millimeter” parts, which can meet the requirements for very small plastic products. The superscript machine’s large amount of data information, such as engraving requires more accurate and higher two-dimensional resolution, the icon is clearly visible, durable and beautiful, which is more competitive in the market than printing or engraving method to jet.

Laser marking improves product grade and product added value

The advantages of laser marking are high power density, short time, small thermal interference zone, small thermal change and small thermal stress during production and processing, and will not interfere with internal and external electrical performance. Therefore, laser marking The effect is meticulous, the processing technology is beautiful, and the precision is high, which can improve the grade of the product and the added value of the product, so that the appearance of the product looks higher .

Laser marking can be customized. Flexible and easy carving

The laser marking production and processing system is a computer system with skip counting, random code and other functions, easy to set up and modify, and flexible production and processing methods can achieve the unique code requirements of custom products. It is suitable for customized production and processing, and has the advantages of small batch and multi-batch production and processing.

laser marking can be completed in a few seconds, low processing cost

The engraving efficiency of the laser marking machine is fast, and the icon is completed in one time. The production and processing efficiency is high. Under the control of the system, the light energy of the laser beam can be quickly engraved (engraving efficiency can reach 5-7m/s). Complete in a few seconds. It has low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection, meets European national environmental standards, and meets the GMP requirements of the national pharmaceutical industry. Therefore, an important advantage of laser marking is the low cost of processing.

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