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How much is a woodworking engraving machine?

The woodworking engraving machine is not a new product, so it is very mature in technology, and even the appearance is basically the same. Many customers think that it is cheap and usable, and there is not much difference, but it is not.

Let’s calculate the cost. If you buy a low-end woodworking machine, the cost is 20,000-30,000 yuan. Warranty period is 1 year. The price of your engraving machine is the same this year. One year later. Low-end products usually don’t work well. The materials and accessories used are products of some small manufacturers; therefore, the long-term operation is not very stable, and the follow-up maintenance is also frequent.

CNC Router MachineIf it is repaired every three months, 500-3000 yuan, then a year is 2000-12000 yuan of maintenance costs. During this maintenance period, the workers cannot work, and the workers are paid; and so on, the cost can be imagined.


If you buy a high-end woodworking machine, the cost is 30,000-45,000 yuan. The warranty period is also one year. A year later, because it is a high-end engraving machine, the machine parts are genuine, the workmanship is very good, and the machine is very stable, so the low-end engraving machine is not easy to break, even in the second year, the maintenance cost is 1000-6000 yuan, which part is generally broken. It is easy to maintain and saves a long maintenance time; greatly reduces the cost and truly improves the efficiency of customers.

CNC Router Machine

Therefore, when customers choose a woodworking engraving machine, they cannot just look at the price factor. Some small manufacturers told us that the configuration may be the same as some big manufacturers, but the price is much lower. the reason is simple. Mainly configure products used by small manufacturers. It is not the original factory at all, and it is prone to problems later. Most woodworking users choose woodworking engraving machine equipment from large manufacturers, with stable equipment quality and guaranteed after-sales service.


Before we know how many engraving machines there are, we must first know that there are many kinds of engraving machines.

Dual Spindle 3 Axis Woodworking CNC Router Machine

CNC craving machine can be divided into four categories: advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine and metal engraving machine according to the application field. Among them, the woodworking engraving machine has the most types, and can be divided into automatic tool changing function according to the working energy. Woodworking cutting machines and multi-process engraving machines, cylindrical engraving machines with three-dimensional engraving capabilities, and single-head, multi-independent head and multi-trailer head engraving machines derived from ordinary woodworking machinery. The engraving machine generally adopts rack and pinion transmission to ensure that the speed of the air gap is not slow, and the Z axis is driven by the screw of the XY axis. High precision, in recent years, except for the special requirements of customers, only a few engraving machines adopt full screw drive. The main functions of the engraving machine are cutting, hollowing out, taking lace and lines, punching and relief engraving.


There are five main factors affecting the craving machine:

  1. Control system: There are two types of control system: computer control and DSP handle. Both control methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Joystick controls are more expensive than computer controls.
  2. Drive system: The drive system is mainly divided into a stepping system and a servo system. Servo systems are more precise than stepper systems, and there is no loss of steps and wear when engraving reliefs.
  3. Spindle motor type: In addition to the spindle motor brand, its power is also a factor that affects the price. Generally speaking, the main embossing and spindle motors use low power, and the main cutting and spindle motors use high power.
  4. Frequency converter: The frequency converter of the engraving machine is driven by the spindle motor. It mainly controls the start and stop of the spindle and the adjustment of the spindle speed, so the selection of a good frequency converter plays a decisive role in the quality of the machine tool.
  5. Guide rails: There are round guide rails and square guide rails for guide rails. There are domestic and imported points. The difference between engraving machine guide rails is believed to be known by many users, so it is not detailed here.


This is the main factor affecting the capital of the engraving machine. Of course, in addition to this need to consider the after-sales and warehouse of the engraving machine manufacturer, only the trusted engraving machine manufacturer can make a user-safe choice, regardless of woodworking machinery and processing. Center, according to different configuration options, the price of the engraving machine is relatively high.

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