Cnc Wood Router Carving Machine

The Useful of 2-4 Multi Head Cnc Wood Router Carving Machine

What is the 2-4 Multi Head Cnc Wood Router Carving Machine?

2-4 Multi Head Cnc Wood Router Carving Machine is specially designed for customers who need mass production. It is equipped with two heads, each head is equipped with two spindles, which run synchronously, and can perform cutting, hollowing, and carving. It is mainly used in the furniture industry, decoration industry, musical instrument industry, mould industry, the craft industry, building model industry, advertising industry, etc.

Cnc Wood Router Carving MachineCnc Wood Router Carving Machine

What Is A CNC Wood Router?

A CNC wood router is a type of automatic wood CNC router machine for smart 2D & 3D routing, cutting, carving, drilling, grooving, or milling on most popular woodworking projects, including wood crafts, wood arts, wood signs making, cabinet making, wood door making, wood gifts, wood toys, wood modeling, decorations, wardrobe and other wood furniture making. A CNC wood router machine is composed of machine frame, CNC controller, spindles, T-slot table or vacuum table, gantry, CNC software, CNC operating system, motor, driver, vacuum pump, power supply, guide rail, ball screw, collet, limit switch, pinion, rack and more CNC router parts & accessories. A CNC wood router kit is also known as wood CNC machine, wood CNC router, CNC woodworking machine, CNC woodworking router, CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood carver, CNC wood engraving machine, CNC wood engraver, CNC wood cutting machine, CNC wood cutter, CNC wood router machine, CNC wood router table, CNC woodworking tool.

What is the CNC wood router machine?

Cnc wood router machines for performing milling operations in manual and automatic mode, with numerical control management for a guarantee of precision over time.

If you’re looking for efficiency in a CNC machine, our SmartShop CNC routers are an excellent way to go. These machines allow you to increase the speed of production and improve the quality of your cuts, growing your business along the way. Excellent for making surf racks, shelf units, cabinet making, skis and much more, our large CNC machines are designed to make setup and programming effortless, all while giving you highly precise edge finishes.

CNC Wood Router

CNC Wood Router of CNC routers consists of excellent options for craftsmen looking for a cheap CNC machine to get their cuts done without blowing the budget. Efficient and affordable even for small shops, these 3-axis CNC routers are low in price and high in quality. Whether you’re looking to grow your business with a larger machine or you’re just searching for great value, these routers will simplify the process of production without forcing you to dig deep into your pockets. 4th axis rotary option available.

Production Advantage

Axis under the control of software, high automation.

Wood designing machine imported ball screw ensures stable movement and high accuracy.

Water-cooling brushless spindle,low noise,vigorous cutting strength and long time mass processing.

Broken-point memory ensures the continuity of work when inciddent happens.

Industry Application

1.Woodworking: wooden door and furniture, windows, tables and chairs,cabinets and panels, 3D wave plate,MDF,computer desk,musical instruments,etc

2.Advertising: billboard, logo,sign,3D characters cutting,acrylic cutting,LED/neon channel, literal-hole cut,lightbox mold,stamp,mould,etc

3.Die industry: copper sculpture,aluminum engrave,metal molds,plastic sheeting,PVC ,etc

4.Decoration: acrylic, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper, etc.

Cnc Wood Router Carving Machine

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