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Laser Rust Remover for Cars, Remove Rust from Car

Laser rust removal is a relatively new technology that uses high-powered lasers to remove rust from metal surfaces. It works by heating the rusted area with a laser beam, causing it to vaporize and leaving behind a clean metal surface.It can not only be used to clean organic pollutants, but also inorganic substances, including metal rust, metal particles, dust, etc. The application effects include: rust removal, paint removal, and Oil stains, cultural relics restoration, de-gluing, de-coating, and de-plating.

And towards the front of the engine, where I have aluminum parts, it just cleaned that perfect, without any issues and without any thermal damage. I was really happy with everything, and now I can continue on with my rebuild process.

Laser Rust Removal Gun iGCL-HC

Laser cleaning method is a good method for laser paint removal for pre -repainting process, pre-welding process. In the laser cleaner model, there are handheld laser rust remover, portable laser cleaning machine, pulse laser rust removal machine. In different power, there are 100w laser cleaning machine, 200w laser rust removal, 300w laser cleaning machine, 500w laser cleaner and so on, most of them are pulse laser cleaning model. Besides this, we also have continuous laser rust removal with 1000W laser rust removal gun, 1500w / 2000w fiber laser cleaning machine and so on. If you want the laser cleaning machine price, welcome contract us, we would like to supply the most affordable laser cleaner with least cost.

laser rust removal machine

Laser rust removal is a great alternative to manual and chemical cleaning methods since rust is removed with greater precision and lower recurring costs. It’s also a great way to reduce your environmental impact.

.While many classic car restoration projects require a wired brush and a grinding wheel to remove unwanted rust and paint, using a laser rust removal system can provide an effective alternative. Not only does laser rust removal cut down on the manual labor that’s associated with removing rust, it also keeps more of the part intact than a wire and/or grinding wheel. And it even reduces the amount of time that’s required to complete each part, which makes it a good process for industrial applications. Rust removal can also be achieved by the application of chemical components or electricity. But laser rust removal stands out in its ability to accomplish each task quickly, and with minimal distortion.

Rust, often considered the cancer of the automotive world, is the enemy of anyone who loves cars, trucks, or any items mainly constructed of steel or iron.In general, the most common methods for removing rust from cars include sanding, grinding, or using a chemical rust remover. These methods can be more cost-effective and easier to perform, and they can be done with tools that are widely available.

Derusting parts

Laser rust removal is a process that can be used to clean unwanted residue from metal parts with less risk than other methods. When conducted successfully, the laser ablation process is used to remove a layer of rust or other contaminants without damaging the substrate material. And this is commonly done with a fiber laser system. Not only does laser rust removal improve the appearance of an item, it also extends its life, which allows manufacturers to build a more reliable product. Because of this, using laser rust removal to bring car parts back to life is a terrific strategy that allows entrepreneurs to operate sustainable businesses for a fraction of the cost.

Industry Laser rust removal machine application

> Derusting the metal surface; > Surface paint removal treatment; > Surface resin, oil stains, stains, and dirt cleaning; > Surface plating and coating removal; > Pretreatment of welding surface/spraying surface;

> Removal of dust and attachments on the surface of the stone statue; > Clean up the residue of rubber mold.

Mainly used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical processing, electronic processing, cultural relics restoration, mold industry, shipbuilding industry, food processing industry, petrochemical industry processing, petrochemical industry and other industries.

Laser Cleaning Machine Features:

1. Wide Range Of Applications: It can remove resin, oil, stain, dirt, rust, coating, plating, paint on the surface of objects, and can protect the surface of brittle materials. The energy density is concentrated, and highly reflective materials can also be easily applied. 200W-2000W laser power is optional to meet more needs.

2. Autofocus Technology: Non-contact 360° cleaning. Parameters can be set, autofocus, and surface cleaning. The operation of the laser cleaning machine is basically not limited by space and location.

3. Environmental Protection, Energy Saving And High Efficiency: Cleaning is stable and efficient, effectively removing micron-level pollution particles. The cost of laser cleaning is only 1/5 of the cost of chemical cleaning, which is more green and energy-saving.

4. General Industrial Design: The component shapes are scientifically calculated and the layout is reasonable. The thermal load and mechanical load on the substrate during operation are small. Clear identification and easy maintenance.

5. Sturdy And Durable: Tailor-made thickened sheet metal, solid structure, anti-deformation, good heat dissipation.

6. Customizable Automation Application Solutions: Igoldencnc has conquered large-format, automated, high-precision collaborative motion technology. It can easily connect to automated processing systems in various industries. It can cooperate with hand-held and mechanical equipment to realize automatic operation.

Handheld Laser Cleaner Parameter

Item No. iGCL
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Laser Power 1000W,2000W
Pulse Energy 1.5-20mJ
Fiber Length 5m (Optioned)
Working Distance 170/260/340/500mm (Optioned)
Focal Depth 10-15mm
Scanning Width 10-60mm
Air Pressure 0.2-0.6MPa
Voltage 380V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Method Water-cooling
Working Temperature 5-45℃


Our Portable Handheld Fiber Laser 50W 100W 200W 500W 1000W 2000W Igolden Laser Cleaning Machine Rust Oil Removal Machine has unique and advanced functions, which can replace traditional products and win greater economic benefits for the company.   Until now our products are now moving on fast and very popular all over the world.

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