5-Axis CNC Router Machine

The Control Method And Main Application Of 5 Axis CNC Router

5 axis cnc router is quite a necesary tool for woodworking & advertising industries. It has much advantages over tradtional procesing method and hand-working.


5-Axis CNC Router Machine

Operation Method Of 5 Axis CNC Router

1. Perform actual operations based on the operation of the AND operation on the computer. This type of method has a higher probability of error.
2. Using single-chip microcomputer design to manipulate the 5 axis cnc router machine, this kind of method can be used in the work and the typesetting design, but the computer must not be turned off during the work, it reduces the operating errors on the computer compared with the first relativity The probability.
3. The USB port can be selected to transfer data. The system software has about 32M of memory space. It can store the documents, so it can get rid of the computer or turn off the computer to carry out his typesetting and design work. This kind of method can improve the work efficiency of people’s CNC engraving machines. .

How to Use a CNC Router Machine for Woodworking?
You need to follow simple steps that I am going to describe below;

Step – 1: Turn on the machine and make sure the power inputs are as per manufacture guidelines.
Step – 2: Let the machine adjust automatically.
Step – 3: Now on the CNC display checks the I/O status.
Step – 4: Check all the machine parts if everything is in a normal state.
Step – 5: When you see a pop up the clock on “Open”
Step – 6: The program will be loaded in the processing program
Step – 7: Now use the mouse and you can manually operate the CNC router.
Step – 8: Now focus on the axis and make sure to use the router manually if you are a beginner.


 5 axis cnc router


The Key Application Of 5 Axis CNC Router
The key is used in the carpenter manufacturing industry, and the key is used in the production and processing of windows and doors, and the production and processing of artworks. This is all possible. Secondly, there are certain applications in the advertising slogan mold industry, such as clothes hang tags and plastic plates in advertising slogans. In other industries, such as large and medium-sized relief production, craft products manufacturing industries also have certain applications.

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