China 3D Stone Carving Machine Factory For Processing Marble Granite

China 3d stone carving machine with dual spindles is used for 2D/3D stone carving. Now the dual spindles 3D CNC stone carving machine for sale at low price,it can do 2D engraving and 3D embossment carving to almost every stone materials. This high efficient and safer stone router machine is your best choice, 3D Stone Carving Machine

3D Stone Carving Machine Features:

1).This CNC stone carving machine takes 4th axis rotary attachment and can be used for both stone plate and cylindrical products, widely application, low cost and easy operation.
2).Strong machine structure welded by thick square tubes, which goes through strict vibration aging technology to remove internal stress and dust-free sandblasting paint process, long-term use without deformation.
3).Rack pinion transmission for X/Y axis, fast working and high efficiency; high precision ball screw for Z axis with high precision and long life time.
4).Top-rated motors & drivers for the cnc stone carving machine to keep the running more stable and can improve the processing precision.
5).High-speed water cooling spindle which can work perfectly for stone cutting and carving.

China 3D Stone Carving Machine Factory

China 3D Stone Carving Machine Factory

Engraving Stone With A Stable Machine Design
Trying to engrave fonts as a 3D relief in solid stone, many homemade CNC routers fail because of low-quality components or non-professional mounting. How to design a stable machine with steel components and a high-frequency spindle which is sturdy enough to mill stone accurately in the low-price segment? Asking this question is crucial before buying a CNC machine. A standard milling motor is sufficient for machining wood, brass or plastic. But milling solid stone like granite you need the performance of a high-frequency spindle for getting good results.

3D Stone Sculpture Machine Application:
Tombstone carving, Building Decoration, Wood furniture Industry, Furniture decoration, large scale board engraving, composite door, free-paint door, cabinet doors, advertising industry, Die industry, Relief sculpture, toy production, bedside cupboard, screen sculpture etc.

Stone, granite, marble, jade, metal, glass, Woods, acrylics, artificial stones, artificial marble, bamboos, organic boards, double-color board, PVC board, aluminum, brass and other materials.

Nest China 3d Stone Carving Machine Factory
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