CNC cutting machines

The difference between CNC cutting equipment and woodworking engraving machine!

The popularity of custom furniture has led to the growing popularity of CNC cutting machines. It makes production enterprises no longer rely on workers, and can better improve management, and CNC cutting machine makes furniture production more simple.

  1. Characteristics of custom furniture cutting

Customized furniture is measured by designers. According to the layout of the house, suitable furniture can be designed, which can make more use of the space of the room;


With internal structure, such as the installation of trousers racks, drawers, dark compartments, hangers, etc., the price is much lower than that of finished furniture.

CNC cutting machinesBut custom furniture has its unavoidable shortcomings, that is, it is designed according to the space of the apartment, and cannot be moved at will in the later stage; secondly, custom furniture requires designers to come to measure, design, arrange production and other processes, which requires a period of construction.


  1. Characteristics of CNC cutting machine

The CNC cutting machine adopts an intelligent control system, which is faster, safer and more precise than the push table saw;

CNC cutting machines

Compared with the electronic saw, it can carry out personalized customized production, free typesetting, more rational use of plates, and better utilization of plates.


Through the above comparison, we can clearly see the huge advantages of CNC cutting machine in the production of customized furniture, which is also the root cause of many furniture factories to change their thinking, eliminate traditional equipment and choose CNC cutting machine.


But there are still some customers who are confused: from the appearance, the CNC cutting machine is similar to the ordinary engraving machine, and both can be used for cutting processing. Why can’t the CNC cutting machine be used for production?

CNC cutting machines

  1. The difference between CNC cutting machineand engraving machine

Although the ordinary engraving machine can also be used for cutting, its machine tool structure and electrical accessories determine that it cannot be used for high-strength cutting processing, and the machine tool is deformed for a long time, and the accuracy is getting worse and worse, which is a very realistic problem.


The control system of the ordinary engraving machine and the CNC cutting machine is different. The control system of the engraving machine is simpler. The processing can be run by importing the processing path, and it can even be operated by using the handle;

CNC cutting machines

The CNC cutting machine control system is more intelligent and can be matched with multi-purpose design software; the equipment is configured with single spindle + CNC drilling package, dual spindle + CNC drilling package, four processes, disc automatic tool changing spindle, etc. Configuration makes processing more efficient;


It not only improves the utilization rate of the plate, but also controls the automatic feeding, cutting and unloading of the equipment, and the operation is simpler, which is unmatched by the engraving machine.


The CNC cutting machine body is designed by Speedmaster mechanical engineers. Thick-walled square steel ensures the stability of the bed. The screw drive system ensures the machining accuracy. 3cm wood strips.


The dust removal system is more intelligent, and can automatically control the dust collection according to the processing technology and equipment.


Using the engraving machine for cutting processing not only causes great loss of equipment and damages the processing accuracy of the engraving machine, but also has problems such as extremely poor cutting effect, poor precision, and severe edge collapse.

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