4 Axis CNC Router

Best 4 Axis CNC Router of 2022

CNC router software is the last hurdle between you and a machined part. Check out our list to find the CNC router software for your needs.

Software that works with CNC machines is the bridge that connects your model to reality. It’s what you need to combine your motors, rails, and a 3D model. All CNC mills, and virtually every other type of CNC machine, use software to govern the process of converting a drawing or model into motor movement.

4 Axis CNC Router

Broadly, we can divide the CNC machining process into four stages: First, the user designs or obtains a model, then the G-code is generated. The step and direction pulses are determined from the G-code, and finally, the machine’s stepper motors drive the sequences.

4 Axis CNC Router

The design phase is often completed using CAD software and is a subject of its own. It’s generating and interpreting the G-code that CNC-specific software usually deals with.


Some programs let you edit and input your G-code and create all the math, all the step (direction) pulses, and send them precisely timed to the stepper drivers. Others divide the work and simply send out the G-code and leave the rest of the calculations up to the machine’s firmware (on a separate board).

4 Axis CNC Router

The exception to these two methods is Mach software, which is an in-between option. Mach interprets the G-code on your computer but sends out special low-level commands to the external board, instead of trying to time the step (direction) pulses itself.

4 Axis CNC Router

Considerations of the 4 Axis CNC Router

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best CNC software options out there. Due to the variety of machines and uses, the way that G-code is created and interpreted by CNC machines can vary. For this reason, we’ll divide our choices based on their different approaches.

4 Axis CNC Router

We’ve chosen a variety of programs, but ensured that all of them met the following:


Active community and support available

Range of features

Accessibility to hobbyists

Some degree of customizability

Although different options may meet these criteria better than others, we’re sure you’ll find the right one for your needs. So now, let’s see what’s out there!

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