Tips for engraving and cutting with CNC machine

If you are an amateur or business owner who is engaged in a lot of engraving or cutting work, you may already know the great potential of CNC cutting. Jewelers, gunsmiths, collectors, statue makers and even engine designers often use CNC milling machines to perform complex carving and cutting tasks. However, if you are accustomed to doing this type of work manually, you may encounter questions about how to make the most of automated CNC router machine.

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The following are some tips, I hope I can help you and use the machine better.

Choose the right cutting tool

When CNC cutting exquisite text patterns, small cutting tools will provide the most accurate results. A wider corner cutter is more suitable for engraving larger text patterns. As with manual operation, it is also important to use the correct size tool for best results. When engraving hard materials, you should usually use a larger cutting angle and tip to maximize efficiency.

Pay attention to the spindle speed

In order to get the best results, a small handle tool (3.2mm, 4.0mm) should be used on a low-power spindle motor, and the cutting speed should not be set too fast to minimize the resistance during cutting. High-speed milling. In order to increase the speed, high-power CNC milling machine can use engraving tools with large-diameter handles.

Tool length is also important

When choosing a suitable blade length for the CNC engraving machine, it is recommended to increase the measured plate thickness by 2-3 mm. When cutting acrylic resin or when the engine speed is between 18,000 and 24,000 RPM, choose a shorter blade length.

Notes on damaged tools

Assuming there is no problem with the quality of the tool, if the tool is often damaged, there may be problems with the engraving parameters, such as the accuracy of the guide rail and the tool. Motor, sheet hardness or fastener problems.

Consider carving accessories

The combination of optional engraving accessories and 3D processing functions provides engravers with more creative opportunities. For example, you can scan the pattern or text you want by scanning the instrument, and then engrave it on the processed workpiece, or engrave your own unique customized graphics on the processed material.

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