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How To Adjust The Optical Path Of 3kw Laser Cutting Machine

The 3kw laser cutting machine is indeed a great innovation of modern times. There would be hardly any industrial sector that does not use it.

3kw Laser Cutting Machine

automatic laser cutting machine3kw laser cutting machine is a technique used to cut or engrave hard materials by burning, melting or vaporizing. The process has multiple industrial applications across various industries and can be used to drill holes or cut shapes in metal and other materials on a production line. Laser cutting is also used as an artistic technique to engrave decorative designs on surfaces.

The primary advantage of laser cutting technology is its accuracy, and the high power beam is concentrated through a laser cutting nozzle for pinpoint accuracy.  laser cutting generally uses CAD technology, allowing artists and engineers to create intricate designs with an industrial laser.

After all, in comparison to conventional cutting equipment, Best 3kw laser cutting machine are more fast, accurate, flexible, and versatile. Furthermore, they give a better experience when it comes to repeatability.

1. Check the first mirror. Set the spot power to 30%, and let the speed of laser light hit the first reflection and be as close to the center as possible. First, we tear off a small part of double-sided adhesive tape, stick it on the first reflector with the front side, and then press out the outline by hand. Then “spot shooting”, let the laser hit the double-sided adhesive tape, and you can see whether the laser hit the correct spot.

2. Check the light path of the second reflector. Here, we need the effect that the laser beams are coincident when the second mirror is near and far away from the first mirror. Here, we need to tear the double-sided adhesive tape into two sides, stick it on the frame of the second reflector, and then spot test to see the effect. (two points coincide, the second mirror is correct).

3. Check the light path of the third reflector. Here, we need to test whether the near and far spots of the third mirror and the first mirror coincide. Here, just like the above steps, we use double-sided tape to stick on the third reflector for spot test. If the spots near and far are coincident, the light path is correct.

4. In the above step, if the third mirror and the first mirror do not have spots and do not coincide, how should we adjust them? We will adjust the screw of the second reflector, and continue to adjust according to point 2 above. Then move the laser head to each of the four corners to make sure that the four points coincide. If they do not coincide, please repeat the previous step 2 until the four points coincide.

5. Check the center point of the third reflector. What we need is that the laser beam hits the center of the third mirror in the left and right direction as much as possible. This step is difficult to adjust, so please handle it carefully. If the center deviation is serious, how to adjust it? We can adjust it with two screws under the second mirror.

6. Check the perpendicularity of the focused center point, move the laser head to the middle of the platform, and let the laser beam shoot from the center of the bottom of the laser head and hit the 10mm acrylic vertically. Here, set the spot power at 15%-30%. Here, we tear a layer of transparent adhesive and stick it on the bottom of the laser head for spot test. Then put 10mm acrylic under the laser head for testing, and it can be seen that the verticality is no problem.

7. If the center point and verticality are abnormal after focusing, how to adjust it? We can check the center point first, then check the verticality, finally, lock all screws and nuts, and re-check the center point and verticality until they are back to normal, then move the laser head to the four corners of the platform to test the verticality, and confirm that the four corners of the platform test the verticality normally.

8. The light path sharing of this adjustment is over. Friends who have not adjusted the light path may find it complicated, but in fact, you only need a little patience in the adjustment process, check the light path according to the steps, and you will soon get started.

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How does a 3kw laser cutting machine works?

A laser cutting machine performs a cutting process by emitting a beam of high-intensity laser light having a single wavelength or color. As the laser beam travels from the laser resonator through the path of the machine, it may be focused by a special mirror, lens, curved mirror or beam bender onto a working cutting point on the object.

The precise focus of the laser beam is to increase the thermal density to a very high level, and its high power density allows it to be heated quickly to melt and cut. Wherein the laser beam is added with compressed gas, such as oxygen or nitrogen, the laser beam will initially dissolve the material, while the high-pressure gas will melt the molten metal out of the crack, while the CNC laser cutting machine controls the laser cutting head, which is calculated first. The moving path moves, and the distance between the laser head and the object also needs to be accurately calculated, which is the operation of the laser cutting machine.

The advantage of laser cutting technology compared to general mechanical cutting is that the cutting precision is higher, and the cutting process does not need to contact the object, and the pollution of the object can be reduced and the friction consumption of the laser cutting machine itself can be better maintained. Laser cutting technology, on the other hand, has a small heat-affected zone and is therefore capable of precision or more complex cutting requirements. 3kw laser cutting machine is a stable, reliable, and very accurate cutting process.

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