5 Axis CNC Router

Can a 5-axis CNC engraving machine replace a lathe?

The five-axis CNC engraving machine is specially designed for 3D modeling, cutting and mold making, including automotive foam molds, ship molds, architectural models, non-metal molds, 3D engraving and 3D cutting of large instruments.

Five-axis CNC engraving machine features:

  1. Entry-level 5-axis machining center with Syntec controller or optional OSAI controller: designed for the most demanding machining requirements, highest precision and faster production.
  2. It is easy to profile on large workpieces, and is very suitable for the processing of three-dimensional curved surfaces.
  3. The working speed, walking speed and cutting speed can be controlled individually, which greatly improves the production efficiency and the quality of finished products.
  4. All ball screw drive, high precision and long life. The Y-axis adopts the screw-fixed nut rotation structure, and the balance is fast and reliable.
  5. Integral beam and beam seat design, good rigidity and high precision.
  6. The Z-axis transmission part and some parts are made of casting materials, which have high strength and good rigidity.
  7. Automatic exhaust lubrication system, software controls the amount of lubricating oil, and quantitative oil supply is timely and accurate.

8.5-axis double pendulum, B and C-axis adopt no-gap turbine transmission, the output torque is rigid, and the rear gap can be quickly and quickly adjusted.

5 Axis CNC Router5 Axis CNC RouterApplication of five-axis CNC engraving machine:

Mold industry: FRP wood mold, casting wood mold, foam, wood, resin products, clay mold, various non-metal 5-axis mold processing.

Composite industry: composite, trimming and stamping of carbon fiber parts, FRP molds, FRP parts, plastic parts, rubber products, sanitary products.

Ceramic sanitary ware industry: five-axis machining of various gypsum products such as gypsum molds.

Furniture industry: solid wood furniture, various furniture accessories, stair elbows and other five-axis furniture processing.

5 Axis CNC Router

Five-axis CNC engraving machine supporting materials

Wood: Plywood, Softwood, Hardwood, MDF, Particleboard

Plastic: Acrylic, ABS, HDPE, PVC, UHMW, HDPE

Stone: Granite, Marble, Slate, Basalt, Pebble, Natural Stone, Ceramic, Porcelain

Soft Materials: Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Mild Steel

Composite materials: aluminum, copper, titanium, zinc and other composite materials.

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