4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Which CNC woodworking cutting machine is better

As the core force of furniture production, CNC woodworking cutting machine is very important and popular in the market. Therefore, many manufacturers of cutting machine brands have also been born, and they all want to take a share of this market, but not all brands have their own independent manufacturers, so we need to distinguish when purchasing, so do you know what a top brand is? What are the CNC woodworking cutting machines in China?

4 Processes CNC Cutting MachineNext, we recommend the brand Jiabang CNC.

Jiabang CNC has been established for more than 10 years. Has rich production experience in the cutting machine market. Through continuous research on the market, the developed equipment fully meets the needs of furniture manufacturers, is more practical, and provides help for furniture manufacturers. Realize the improvement of quality, quantity and beauty.

At present, there are 1 or 20 types of cutting machines developed and produced by Jiabang CNC, each with its outstanding advantages. For example, the popular four-process cutting machine is a cost-effective one. This equipment is suitable for small and medium furniture factories. Four-axis precise cutting and punching makes panel furniture production smarter, more efficient and less labor-intensive. In the current situation of difficult recruitment, intelligent CNC cutting machine is still the only choice for panel furniture factories.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

Which CNC woodworking cutting machine is better

Another model is also the standing equipment of furniture factory. It has more functions. It is an online machining center. Online automatic tool change is adopted. The tool magazine holds 12 tools. The tool change time is fast and the efficiency is high. Can be used for furniture and wooden doors. Cabinets, tables and chairs, doors and windows and other wood products engraving, with independent tool magazine, can automatically change the required tools without stopping during the workpiece processing.

These two CNC woodworking cutting machine models surpass other traditional processing equipment in terms of product processing speed and processing quality. Intelligent machining realizes a high-precision, high-efficiency, safe and reliable machining system, and has become a trustworthy equipment in the market.

4 Processes CNC Cutting Machine

The four-process CNC cutting machine is an economical multi-function CNC equipment. The four-process CNC cutting machine has four spindles. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can be used for punching. Two of the high-power spindles are dedicated to grooving and blanking, and the other two are dedicated to punching. Multiple spindle motors work at the same time, which can complete the processing of large quantities of products. Advanced automatic tool change program, without manual intervention, the program is automatically executed. The vacuum adsorption table with international leading technology is equipped with a vacuum pump with strong adsorption force. The six-zone design can strongly adsorb materials in different areas, greatly improving work efficiency.

Four-process cutting machine

Standard 2 6.0kw+2 4.5kw air-cooled high-speed electric spindles, built-in fan cooling, high-temperature grease lubrication, high-quality stainless steel body, imported ceramic ball bearings with dust cover, precision grinding of the inner hole, high-precision chuck and Balance nut. The four processes work continuously, and the processing requirements are completed at one time. Double-layer sealing and air-tight structure, better dustproof effect, low noise, smooth body, not easy to rust, high rotation precision. Long bearing life, high speed and low speed, stable operation, no chips during processing, high spindle accuracy, maintenance-free, and 200% increase in work efficiency.

The four processes of blanking, slotting, punching and engraving are completed at one time;

Fast automatic board calculation – just input the length, width and height of the finished product, and automatically calculate the size of the required boards such as the top board, side board, door board, etc.;

Save plates and improve the utilization rate of plates – Calculate the plate size and different plate materials according to the requirements, optimize the combination through the material calculation optimization software, give priority to the use of the remaining materials, improve the optimization rate, and improve the utilization rate of the plates through – knife cutting;

Reduce the error rate – the optimized results can be directly input into the program, and can be matched with the cutting machine to avoid human input errors and improve production efficiency.

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