4 Heads Wood CNC Router Machine

Can the four-process cutting machine be used for cabinet cutting?

The four-process cutting machine is an economical and cost-effective four-process cnc router woodworking machinery. It integrates automatic positioning, punching, grooving and optimized cutting. It is an intelligent way for traditional panel furniture enterprises to enter modern and numerically controlled production. It can replace the traditional push table saw and electronic cutting saw, get rid of the dependence of the traditional cutting mode on manual work, and cut the material at the same time vertical holes and grooves are also completed in one go, through the combination with the special production design software, it can realize intelligent Production, saving labor, material and time.

The 4 heads wood CNC router machine is suitable for engraving and milling of 3-4 types of flower knives. It can install four different tools at one time to achieve four-processing easy automatic tool change. It is mainly used for various large-area plate carving and door and window processing.

The machine is equipped with four Z-axis automatic switching, clamping different cutters and drills for step-by-step processing to meet different process requirements, and the second switching function improves processing efficiency. Optional device row drilling package, used with drilling.

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4 Heads Wood CNC Router MachineFeatures of 3 axis CNC machine

4*4.5kw Air-cooled Spindles

High precision, low noise, stable operation, and ensure no chipping during processing.

>Precision ground inner hole, high-precision chuck and dynamic balance nut to improve motor concentricity and extend the service life;

Built-in fan cooling, easy to use, can be used by directly connecting to the inverter, maintenance-free;

woodworking engraving machine

>The fuselage is made of high-quality aluminium profile, which ensures smooth and rust-free after secondary treatment;

>Ceramic ball bearings are used to ensure high-speed operation and accuracy of the spindle.

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