ATC CNC Router

CNC machining center with drill bag, row drill bag and tool magazine CNC cutting machine

In-line automatic tool changer and cutting machine is a woodworking CNC milling machine for the production of panel furniture, cabinet wardrobes and engraving cabinet door panels. The cutting section is smoother and has no burrs. It can process square-shaped panels, and can also cut special-shaped panels, such as blanking of panels with missing corners or arc shapes; it is especially suitable for custom furniture in the whole house. Blanking production.

Compared with the four-process cutting machine and the machining center drilling and cutting center, the straight-row tool changer CNC cutting machine has a lower price. It can spend very little money for cabinet and wardrobe processing plants with low budgets Good processing results can be achieved. The operation is simple, the failure rate is low, the structure is relatively simple, and it is relatively easy to use. The bed is thickened, and the square tube is fully welded, including the beam and column parts, which are processed by a five-face milling machining center. The machine is durable and not deformed, and the precision is higher. It has a fully automatic flat horizontal push function, which is suitable for large and thick boards to absorb dust cleanly. The pusher has applied for its own technical patent, and the device is installed on both sides of the column, so there will be no rigid push. It will not encounter the phenomenon that the large board cannot push the small board unevenly.

ATC CNC RouterScope of application of CNC cutting machine:

Mainly used in the furniture industry: custom furniture, panel wardrobes, cabinets, shoe cabinets, etc. Office furniture, cabinet doors cutting and engraving. Production of screens, craft wooden doors and solid wood furniture, cutting, carving, hollowing and punching of lacquered wooden doors, wood products industry: computer desks, conference tables, display cabinets, musical instruments, etc. pet industry.

ATC CNC Router

Whole house custom cutting machine features

  1. CNC wood engraving machine with disc ATC system is an economical machining center with linear tool magazine. The main accessories of CNC machine tools are from the world’s top brands.
  2. The CNC wood carving machine adopts Italian 9.0KW HSD air-cooled spindle, and the drive system adopts Japanese servo motor.
  3. Vacuum adsorption table, high adsorption force can adsorb materials of different sizes.
  4. The intelligent processing cross-border protection is to prevent the mechanical impact phenomenon caused by too many design layouts, thereby causing waste of processing formats.
  5. The Syntec control system can automatically perform multi-layer 3D processing.
  6. The CNC wood engraving machine can quickly and smoothly perform engraving/cutting, three-dimensional processing, and offline operation can be realized.
  7. Z-axis dust cover, Y guide rail and rack are on the same side
  8. Fast speed, high efficiency, smooth and clear engraving
  9. The CNC wood carving machine adopts a four-axis rotating device, which can process cylindrical materials such as cylindrical legs and chair legs. Rotation diameter and length can be optional.


This machine can replace traditional table saws and electronic cutting saws, get rid of the dependence of traditional cutting mode on manual work, and cut vertical holes and grooves in one go. By combining with special production design software, it truly realizes intelligence Production, saving labor, material and time;

The frame adopts the gantry moving column structure, and the parts of the machine are produced and assembled with high standards to ensure the high performance and stability of the machine, excellent quality and tolerance;

Adopting modular design, you can choose: single-spindle CNC drilling package, dual-spindle CNC drilling package, three-spindle, disc tool magazine automatic tool change spindle, disc tool magazine automatic tool change spindle CNC drilling package five modular units;

Imported numerical control system, stable performance, simple operation, ordinary people can complete the operation after simple training without professional knowledge;

The double-layer hollow vacuum adsorption table is adopted, which can adsorb plates of different sizes, and the minimum opening plate can reach 25mm;

Matching the central intelligent dust removal system can ensure the effective cleaning and collection of the particulate waste in all links and parts, and can effectively ensure the continuity of the cutting work;

The operating software interface is fully open, and the strong compatibility can be seamlessly connected with a variety of panel furniture design and dismantling software.


The in-line automatic knife changing and cutting machine is matched with the side hole machine, edge banding machine, laminating machine and other panel furniture production equipment.

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