Automatic edge patrol engraving machine

Automatic Edge Patrol Engraving Machine

An automatic edge patrol engraving machine, also known as an edge engraving machine or an automatic engraving machine with edge detection, is a specialized tool used for engraving precise and consistent marks or designs on the edges of various objects or materials. This machine is equipped with advanced sensors and software to detect the edges and automatically align the engraving process accordingly.

Automatic edge patrol engraving machine

Edge cutting

Based on the data received from the edge detection system, the machine’s software automatically aligns the engraving tool or laser to match the detected edge. This ensures precise alignment and accurate engraving, even if the object’s orientation or position is not perfectly consistent.

Relief engraving

Openwork engraving

Automation and Productivity: These machines offer automation features that streamline the engraving process, resulting in increased productivity. The automatic edge detection and alignment significantly reduce the time and effort required for manual setup and alignment.

Edge Patrol Engraving Machine Parameter

Model iGW-3AS
XYZ working area 1300*2500*200mm
Spindle HQD 3.5kw air cooling spindle
Guide Taiwan HIWIN square rails
Table Aluminum + PVC table
Motor Stepper motor and drivers
Control system Professional CNC control system
Transmission system XY high precision helical rack and pinions;
Z Taiwan TBI Ball screw.
Cabinet Separate control cabinet
Lubrication system Manual lubrication system
Other CCD、Tool sensor

We use global advanced CCD technology to our auto edge finder cutting machine. It’s a smart cutting machine specially for slotting and cutting UV presswork.

1.Adopting heavy duty frame, it makes the machine run more stable when working.

2.Auto identify the edge,cutting moudle,slice&splice,strong recognition,fast positioning,high positional accuracy.

3.Equipped with HQD spindle, it can realize processing result without high procurement.

4.Adopting DSP A11 control system, it is easy to operate without professional training.

5.The vacuum absorption table-board has 6 parts, big attraction, is easy to operate and stable performance.

6.With a separate chassis, it is easier to use and maintain.

Applicable Scope:

KT board, pvc, acrylic, polyethylene, plate sheet, aluminum sheet, copper sheet and other materials that are tried for cutting tools。 The machine’s engraving capabilities may vary based on the material properties and the type of engraving tool or laser used.

Applications: Automatic edge patrol engraving machines find applications in various industries, including manufacturing, jewelry, promotional products, signage, trophies and awards, and more. They are particularly useful for adding branding or identification marks to the edges of products or components.

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