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CNC Panel Furniture Cutting Grooving Punching Machine

CNC cutting machine, the labor cost is too high now, especially the high salary of skilled technicians, the woodworking furniture manufacturing industry requires high technical experience, the working environment is poor, tired and dirty, and it is easy to get pneumoconiosis; a large number of workers are used to cause production. The cost is high, and there is no price advantage for making furniture products; woodworking furniture making equipment has been gradually applied in recent years, and there is a trend of more and more applications. What is the trend of the use of cutting machines? Is the CNC cutting machine efficient? Would it be more expensive to put a piece of equipment into production?

CNC cutting machineCNC cutting machine is mainly used for panel furniture cutting, grooving, punching and other processes. At the same time, it includes all the engraving and milling functions of woodworking engraving machines, which can fully meet the needs of panel furniture production and whole-house custom production; suitable for Diversified product processing or diversified processing, can be one-time cutting, cutting, grooving, milling, engraving and other processes. There are also many materials that can be processed on the cutting machine: MDF, particleboard, acrylic, solid wood, etc.

Double-spindle plus row drilling CNC cutting machine

The four-process CNC cutting machine has high efficiency and moderate price, and is a kind of furniture production equipment with high cost performance.

The cutting efficiency is high. From the simple point of view of the processing capacity of the daily cutting machine, taking the four-process CNC cutting machine as an example, it is calculated according to the operation time of eight hours per day. Under the mixed operation of processing cabinets, wardrobe cabinets and simple door panels, it can be processed every day. Processing 40 sheets, and it is cutting, slotting, punching, etc. Usually the equipment configuration of small manufacturers can be poor. If there are frequent failures, the production capacity will be low, the equipment runs smoothly, with high precision, and the effect of saving manpower is very obvious. Equipment, automatic loading and unloading, can save manual operation. If the sales volume is considerable and the equipment starts at a relatively high speed every day, it will not take much time to invest in the cost of equipment reuse, especially for furniture manufacturers with large-scale production and stable customers.

CNC cutting machine

How should customers choose? It is recommended that users learn about the manufacturers of CNC cutting machines from the following aspects.

Technical strength: Check whether the manufacturer does have its own independent R&D team. These machines are self-developed or imitated. Are there formal mechanical drawings? Nowadays, machinery is becoming more and more popular, and people use more and more types of machinery instead of labor. This requires a factory to have a high technical level, to be constantly updated and improved. For example, some small factories claim to be able to do the work of customers, but in fact they can’t even make samples on site. Customers who buy such machines are like a pile of scrap iron, and there is no way to create value for customers.

Hardware: It is necessary to check whether the manufacturer has good production equipment and machining capabilities. Only good production equipment can produce good products. Chaoxing CNC invested in the introduction of CNC gantry milling, which greatly improved the precision and quality of the machine tool.

Assembly: The working mode of CNC cutting machine is high-speed cutting, which requires high precision and stability of the cutting machine. A critical step in ensuring these two goals is assembly. Imagine that during assembly, if the rails are not installed horizontally, the racks are not straight, and they look the same from the outside, such a machine is simply unusable.

There are plenty of mature customer use cases: a visit to a customer factory is much better than a machine factory. So we can see the whole production process. In the actual production process, is there any problem with the machine.

All in all, choosing a panel furniture cutting machine is not what customers see, just look at the surface, you have to go deep into the factory, inspect it, and then make a decision!

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