How to choose the CNC router programs ?

CNC router programs used by iGOLDENCNC

Our company is committed to producing various types of CNC machines. Our machine are fully compatible with various CNC router programs. I will introduce the commonly used CNC router programs in CNC woodworking machine.

CNC CAD software

AutoCAD- is one of the most popular CNC CAD programs for 2D and 3D engineering drawings. The software is widely used in civil, mechanical and construction industries. It has complete graphics drawing functions, powerful editing functions, and supports conversion between multiple operating platforms and multiple file formats. Our wood CNC router are compatible with various versions of AutoCAD.

CAXA CAD: is one of China’s leading 2D engineering drawing CAD software. CAXA CAD features include simple operation, powerful functions and high efficiency. It is fully compatible with AutoCAD and can convert AutoCAD files in batches.

ZW CAD: It is also one of the best CNC CAD software in China. With proper running speed and stability, it is fully compatible with most popular CAD formats (such as DWG, DWT, DXF and DWF). The interface is friendly to beginners, easy to learn and easy to use.

SolidWorks-This is a 3D modeling software that can generate 2D engineering drawings when modeling. The software is mainly used for the automatic generation of advanced 3D modeling and 2D engineering drawings.

CAM software for CNC machine

PowerMILL: It can help users formulate optimized treatment plans, reduce manual adjustments, and quickly generate fine and rough treatment routes. Any modification and recalculation of the aircraft can be completed immediately, thereby reducing the calculation time of the trajectory by 85%. Can greatly improve work efficiency.

CNC CAD/CAM software

This software combines the functions of CNC CAM and CAD router software. The commonly used CNC CAD/CAM software for our CNC wood machine include UG (NX), Artcam, Fusion 360, Type3, PRO/E, AlphaCAM, ZW 3D, CAXA manufacturing engineer, UCAN CAM, JD Paint, etc.

Artcam-This is a CAD and CAM processing solution from Delcam, UK, suitable for the design and processing of complex 3D reliefs. Artcam can convert manuscripts, scanned documents, photos and grayscale images into 3D digital relief models and generate G codes to operate the machine.

Fusion360-This is cloud-based software that combines mechanical and industrial design. The software is mainly used to design furniture. It has the most powerful modeling tools, from basic sketches to fully custom models. It can run on Windows, Mac OS and browsers.

AlphaCAM: AlphaCAM has a simple interface and convenient functions, which can be used to process wood, marble, composite materials and metals on CNC milling machines.

Vectric/Aspire- This software is very popular among the CNC milling crowd because it accomplishes many cool things by creating beautiful artistic logos and designs.

CNC control software

Our CNC router machines are compatible with many domestic and foreign control systems. For example, we adopt DSP, Mach3, Siemens, SYNTEC, LNC, Ncstudio etc.. All these control software have safe and reliable performance and good user experience.

Take our 3 axis CNC woodworking machine as an example. The most widely used control software is Ncstudio, Mach 3, DSP and NK105. Ncstudio is computer-based and requires a computer case to insert the card. However, Mach3 control software can be connected to USB. DSP and NK105 are suitable for steering wheel control.

Using CNC router programs, you can fully control all the machining processes and monitor the process from start to finish. If you choose the right CNC router programs, the entire machining process will proceed smoothly, thereby greatly improving production efficiency. In addition, the accuracy and consistency of mass production products are guaranteed.

In summary, CNC router programs is divided into three categories: CAD, CAM and control software. There are software that combines CAD and CAM functions. Due to its rich functions, friendly user interface and easy-to-learn operation, this CNC CAD/CAM software is becoming more and more popular. In the case of choosing software, you need to pay attention to some things, such as processing requirements, free or paid, and technical skills.

No matter which CNC router programs you choose, the best CNC router programs is the software that best meets your process requirements.

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