cnc metal plasma cutting machine

2023 Best 4×8 CNC Plasma Cutting Table for Sale

4x8ft CNC Plasma Cutting Table with Affordable Price for Sale

cnc plasma cutter table is a kind of cnc plasma cutting system which controls the movement of precision machinery through computer and servo system. It takes Hypertherm plasma cutter to generate high-temperature plasma arc to melt (and evaporate) the metal at the workpiece incision, and uses the momentum of high-speed plasma to eliminate the molten metal to form the incision, so as to achieve fast and accurate cutting of any graphics.


Because of its high speed, high precision and high automation, CNC plasma cutting replaces the complicated and backward manual and mechanical operation. Because of its relatively small investment, simple maintenance and low operation cost. Plasma cutting table is widely used in all kinds of metal processing industry.

cnc metal plasma cutting machine

Plasma cutter is a new type of metal processing thermal cutting machine. It uses auxiliary gas and high-speed and high-temperature plasma arc as heat source to locally melt the metal, blow away the molten metal with high-speed air flow, and form narrow plasma cutting joints at the same time. The plasma cutting machine is used to cut many different metals, such as carbon steel, aluminum, cast iron, stainless steel, copper, etc.

CNC Plasma Table Price

The cnc plasma cutter table has different function modulars, such as plasma cutting, oxy fuel cutting, drilling system, 4th rotary device, water table, etc. So, the price differs much depending on actual requirements and configurations. Generally, the price of CNC plasma cutting table ranges from $4,000 to $10,000. Besides, some extra charges & fees will have to be taken into consideration for overseas customer, including shipping costs, tax, customs clearance, etc. If you want to buy cheap cnc plasma cutter, please feel free to contact us for price detail.

4×8 cnc plasma table Main Features:

1).Strong machine structure welded by square tubes & plates to ensure the stable performance & high running accuracy;

2).The working size can be made-to-order for the cnc plasma cutter, such as 4x4ft, 4x8ft, 5x10ft, 6x12ft, etc;

3).START control system with automatic THC, smooth cutting in the case of high and low material;

4).Professional programming softwares for the 4×8 cnc plasma table machine, such as FastCAM/Starcam, etc, to convert drawings into G code automatically;

5).Hypertherm-USA and Huayuan-China plasma cutter of various powers are available for different material & thickness;

6).Options of different function modulars are available, such as drilling system, oxy-fuel cutting system, 4th rotary attachment, water table, etc;

What Are 4X8 Feet Table Type Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Used For?

Applicable Material:
cnc plasma cutter table machine can be widely used for all kinds of metal materials, including carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, metal, copper, aluminum, titanium, galvanized steel, etc.
Applicable Industry:
Can be widely used for different kinds of industries, including advertising, shipbuilding, construction equipment, transportation equipment, aerospace industry, bridge building, military industry, wind power, structural steel, boiler container, agri8culture machinery, elevator, environmental protection equipment, etc.

CNC plasma cutter is quite necessary a machine tool for metal fabrication, are you looking for cnc plasma cutter for your workshop but have no idea of which is the best plasma cutter available? or do you want to diy cnc plasma cutting machine but nowhere to start? Check and review the buyer guide on 2023 best cnc plasma cutter for sale. As a professional manufacturer & supplier, we can provide different kinds of affordable cnc plasma cutter machines within your budget for metal fabricators, metalworkers, beginners and hobbyists, to meet your working requirements for fast & precision metal fabrication indifferent fields.

CNC Plasma Tables Parameter

Model iGP-4A
Working area 1500x3000mm
Torch height controller with
Working table Saw tooth table
Plasma power supply Huayuan LGK120/160/200A, Hypertherm for optional
Cooling system Air cooling
Control system Starfire control system
Flies transfer USB interface
transmission X,Y-helical rack pinion, Z ball screw
Guide rail Taiwan Hiwin guide rail
Drive system Stepper motor and drivers
Arc Untouched Arc Striking
Traveling speed 0-40000mm/min
Working speed According to the cutting thickness
Working voltage Single phase 220V and 3 phase 380V/50HZ
Software Fastcam
Rotary axis With

It is applied in all types of machinery, metal structure manufacturing, repair and installation service, sheet metal fabrication, hole drilling, digging and patching, beveling and more metal cutting projects & plans.

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