Precautions for Choosing the CNC Router Spindle

  1. The power of the selected CNC Router Spindlefor different processing purposes (such as embossing, recessing, cutting and marking) is different. If the processing requirements are high and the cutting head is very deep, please choose a higher power as a guarantee. If this is just a simple solution, then a low-power spindle can meet the machining needs.
  2. Material. Choose the spindle of CNC routermachineaccording to the hardness of the processed material. The main consideration is whether the spindle can cut harder materials efficiently. Some spindles are generally not suitable for cutting harder materials, otherwise, the performance of the spindle motor will be severely lost, and the accuracy of the spindle motor will be affected after a period of time.
  3. The cooling method is based on the power consumption of the spindle and the length of the engraving time, select aircoolingspindle or water cooling spindle. Overheating can easily cause deformation and affect the service life. In addition, the user’s budget and processing environment will also affect the choice of cooling methods for CNC Router Spindle.

Popular CNC Router Spindle

Here are some suggestions for the most popular woodworking machine brands that are popular with users. Hope it can help you choose CNC Router Spindle.

Changsheng spindle

Changsheng Spindle has always been famous for its stable quality and high cost performance. The high-speed, high-precision, stepless speed change of the electric spindle is more conducive to improving the quality of the machine tool, so it is widely used in turning, grinding, drilling, milling and other machine tools.



CNC Router Spindle

HQD air-cooled spindle

The HQD air-cooled spindle adopts high-quality aluminum profiles to ensure the long service life of CNC machine. In addition, the spindle adopts ceramic ball bearings to ensure the high speed and machining accuracy of the spindle. And it adopts fan cooling, no need to connect the water tank, water pipe and water pump directly to the inverter. Therefore, the HQD spindle has low cost, convenient use and simple operation.


HSD air-cooled spindle

HSD water-cooled spindle, this heat dissipation method has the advantages of good heat dissipation, low noise, long life and high precision. All components used in the HSD spindle have been strictly inspected and are of high quality to ensure high machining accuracy.


The above is a series of related knowledge about CNC Router Spindle provided by iGOLDENCNC. It all depends on the type of CNC machine spindle, how to choose the cutting spindle, and even the solution in the process of using the CNC Router Spindle. Therefore, whether you are a new user or manufacturer in the wood industry, I hope this article will help you.

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