Fiber laser marking machine

Choosing the right laser marking machine increase production efficiency

How to choose a suitable laser marking machine

Make your handling demand and the type of laser marking machine you need.

First, you need to determine the type of laser marker that you need according to your specific processing needs.

This step requires you to figure out your processing requirements, such as the type and size of the material, depth, main purpose, etc. It can help you determine the type, laser power and other specifications of the required laser marking machine.

If you are mainly marked in non-metallic materials such as glass, acrylic acid, fabric, leather, you can choose a CO2 laser marking machine. The laser marking machine sculpture is mainly a laser marking machine for metal. Its processing materials include a variety of common metals and rare metals.

When you need more than metal (≥1.5mm), you may need a fiber laser engraving machine with greater power.

If your factory needs to mark operation in the production line, the flight laser marking machine is your ideal choice. It can be combined with other production processes to greatly improve work efficiency.

Fiber laser marking machine

Factors affecting the quality of laser marking machine

Sometimes, the label made of laser marking machine is poor, such as blur, white or dull. At this point, you should stop the laser mark and look for these bad results. After you solve the problem, you can continue the tag process. So what can affect the quality of the laser mark?

Energy and mode of laser beam

This is a previous factor in all types of laser processing work. Selecting a suitable laser energy and laser beam mode is the premise of laser markers.

Laser beam focused performance

The laser energy is highly concentrated because the focus of the laser beam is tiny. Without a good focus, you can’t have an ideal laser spot. As a result, the laser marking machine cannot reach a good laser mark effect.

Workbench mechanical accuracy

The workbench is a mechanical part that drives the laser beam movement. Its precision directly affects the accuracy of the laser mark.

Optical system

The optical system plays an important function in laser beam transmission. The wellness of the system ensures smooth, stable and excellent laser beam transmission.

Moving speed of laser beam

The laser beam moves during the interaction between laser and substances. It will affect the speed of the laser mark.

Material characteristics

Different materials are different from the laser beam. When using a fiber laser marking machine, appropriate parameters should be selected depending on the type of material.

Auxiliary equipment working conditions

Good auxiliary equipment can not only extend the service life of hardware, but also improve the effect of laser markers.

Laser marking machine recommended

The iGOLDEN laser marking machine system allows the user to mark or engrave various materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics. These markers include, but are not limited to, numbers, letters, words, barcodes, QR, graphics, and other modes.


laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine

The most popular fiber laser marking machine is ideal for most metals and non-metallic markers, engraving, high precision, high speed, flexible, double functional foot support.


UV laser cutting machine

UV laser marking machine

The UV laser marking machine is designed for fine marks, fine cuts and engraving, as well as microprocessing of special materials. It has a high cost. It is particularly suitable for high-speed segmentation, micropores, glass materials, and glass materials, silicon wafers for complex pattern cutting, and the like.


CO2 laser marking machineFlying laser marking machine

Flying online carbon dioxide laser marking is designed for assembly line markers, uses with the assembly line workbench to achieve bulk operation, saving labor costs, and improving working efficiency.

What is the factor affecting the price of the laser marking machine?

Laser brand and strength

As one of the core accessories, the selection of laser marking machine is definitely an important factor affecting the price of laser marker. Different brands have different laser marking machine prices. Big brand laser marking machine have quality, stable operation, long life, so the price will be high. As a result, the laser marking machine is also very high.

In addition, the power of the fiber laser also affects the laser marking machine price. The larger the power, the higher the price of the fiber laser marking machine.

The other part

The cost of other parts of the laser marking machine also affects the overall laser marking machine. Import spare parts or large brands, high-quality spare parts will result in an additional cost laser mark price.

For example, the selection of the lens will affect the tag area. Generally, the focal length of the lens is 160 mm, and the label area is 110 × 110 mm. However, if you choose a lens with a larger focus, it will result in a larger effective focus range and a larger marker area. Accordingly, the laser marking machine price will be high.

After-sales service

In general, the more comprehensive after-sales service, the higher the price of laser marking machine. The quality of after-sales service is related to customer satisfaction, and good after-sales service makes customers more assured.


How to maintain laser marking machine

Although the laser marking machine adopts advanced technology, there is no frequent maintenance, still requires daily cleaning and nursing.

1. Retain the room of the laser marking machine, clean and tidy.

2. When the laser marking machine does not work, turn off the power and turn off the computer. Cover the on-site lens cover to prevent dust pollution optical lens.

3. When the laser marking machine is working, the circuit is in a high pressure state. Therefore, do not wear machines when trying to avoid electric shock.

4. Turn the power immediately in any emergency or failure.

5. In the air, it is absorbed on the long-term use of the focus lens on the lower surface of the focus lens. It will affect the mark effect. Therefore, the focusing lens must be done in a regular basis.

6. In the case of cleaning the lens, the proportion of mixed liquid and diethyl ether can be used with absolute ethanol can be used in 3: 1. Immerse cotton swabs or lenses into the mixed liquid and gently clean the lower surface of the focus lens.

7. Do not move the fiber laser marker when running because it is afraid to affect the mark accuracy.

8. Do not cover or put other independent items on the fiber laser engraver to avoid affecting the heat dissipation of the machine.

9. Check the ambient temperature and relative humidity of the metal laser marking machine.

10. Frequency Check if the fiber laser engraving machine has abnormal vibration or noise.

UV laser cutting machine


In many years, the laser marking machine has become a mature CNC laser machine. The mainstream laser marker on the market includes CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines.

Laser markers have a wide range of applications such as food, medicines, leather, tobacco, wood products, electronics, etc. Although the fiber laser marker has a higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, a variety of metal materials are suitable. For example, electronic separation elements, automotive parts, integrated circuits, hardware, tools, kitchen supplies, tools, accessories, precision instruments, glasses, clocks, PVC pipes, etc. are particularly useful for marking IC chips, computer accessories, etc. Complex products, fiber laser engraving The optimal choice. For example, manufacturing date, QR code, tracking code, etc.

Laser marking machine, especially portable laser marking machine, very popular with metalworking studios. Compact size and high automation design make it easy to operate. The IGOLDEN laser marking machine has good quality, long service life, high precision, can be used as your metal marker assistant.

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