CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

CNC Door Lock & Hinge Hole Mortise Machine for Sale

A lock hole CNC router, also known as a door lock CNC machine, is a specialized CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router designed specifically for cutting lock holes in doors or other flat surfaces. This machine automates the process of creating precise and accurate lock holes, ensuring a proper fit for door locks. The lock hole CNC router typically consists of a sturdy frame, a worktable, a cutting head, and a control system. The cutting head is equipped with a router bit or drill bit that is specifically designed for cutting lock holes. The control system, usually computer-based, allows for precise programming and control of the machine’s movements.

CNC Door Lock Hole Drilling and Hinge Boring Machine minimizes labor force. It saves time and speeds up production.The CNC Door Lock Mortising Machine, also called wooden door lock hole machine, is specially designed for the production of wooden doors. It can not only carving the door panel, but also complete the processing of lock mortising, lock slot and lock step slot of the wooden door at one time.

CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

As a result of our work with our strong team, we produced Toscopia Models, Woodmaster CNC Line models and BRT SMN model. BRT SMN and Woodmaster CNC Line models are CNC machine.

CNC Wooden Door Lock Making Machine

Three-process Lock Hole cnc router Characteristics

1, Structural stability: Industrial production models, heavy-duty full steel structure welding, tempering vector effect treatment, strong non-deformation.

2, Parts excellent: Taiwan control system, spindle bearings for high-precision ceramic bearings, low noise, long Life.

taiwan-produced linear guide: German-made ball screw, heavy load-bearing capacity, the knife Precision.

3, Modular Structure Design: Choose to add a variety of processing spindle configuration, can be carved, hollow, cutting and milling Work.

4, complete functions: processing parts such as the need for three knives to complete, eliminating the cumbersome tool change, with the function of machining center, the middle spindle can be vertical or one-way horizontal work, in the need of side work, the middle shaft and as a horizontal axis to complete the groove, drilling Work.

5, high adhesion vacuum adsorption device, up to 230 cubic meters/hour. 6, software compatibility: Open software interface, can be compatible.

Application of the lock hole machine

Wooden door plane keyhole shape of the milling Groove hole molding, can also be used for wooden doors, door frames, window frames, Casement tenon groove.


A door lock and hinge hole mortise machine is a specialized tool used for cutting precise mortises, or recesses, in doors and door frames to accommodate locks and hinges. This machine is designed to automate and streamline the process of creating these mortises, saving time and ensuring accuracy. The machine typically consists of a sturdy base, a worktable, and a cutting mechanism. It may have multiple adjustable fences and guides to assist in aligning the workpiece properly. The cutting mechanism can be operated manually or powered by an electric motor.

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