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PTC ceramics, also known as “positive temperature coefficient ceramics”, are electronic ceramics. Commonly used in motor starting overcurrent protection, fire alarm, temperature measurement, constant temperature heating element, color TV degaussing, etc. They are widely used in daily life. widely. So, how are PTC ceramics cut during application? Talk to you in detail today.

Since PTC ceramics are widely used in electronic and electrical products, the cutting precision of ceramics is relatively high, and the traditional cutting method gradually meets the requirements, which hinders the refined development of electronic ceramics. Laser technology was born in response to demand, and has occupied an increasingly important position in the field of electronic ceramic cutting in recent years. The commonly used equipment for PTC ceramic cutting is called ceramic laser cutting machine. This model is specially developed by Jiabang Laser for the electronic ceramic industry. It can finely cut ceramics, whether it is cutting, scribing or punching, a ceramic laser cutting machine can easily do it. PTC ceramic laser cutting machine adopts non-contact cutting method to ensure no scratches on the ceramic surface. Ceramic laser cutting machine has the advantages of high processing efficiency, good quality, small heat-affected zone, stress-free flexible processing, etc., and is suitable for various special-shaped shapes. The cutting edge is smooth and flat, and it is an ideal tool for processing ceramic materials in various electronic components such as thick film circuits and microwave communications.

Features of ceramic laser cutting machine:

The model processing area is 600*600mm, which can be suitable for cutting ceramic materials of various sizes

The model has a wide range of applications and can process various metals and various ceramic materials, such as: 304, 316L, Ni-Ti, L605, Li, Mg, Al, Cu, Fe, ceramics and other materials

It can process various shapes of plane, curved surface, cutting, scribing, punching, etc.

Compatible with double station configuration, visual positioning and automatic loading and unloading system

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

The existing ceramic crack-free cutting methods basically use (CO2 or Nd:YAG) laser, under the premise of the same single pulse energy, the pulse width is compressed to ns level, and the pulse frequency is increased to 10-20KHz level.

Laser cutting ceramics has the characteristics of non-contact, flexibility, automation, precision cutting and curve cutting, narrow slit, and high speed. Compared with traditional cutting methods such as diamond grinding wheel cutting, it is an ideal ceramic processing method with great application value and development potential.

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

Ceramic laser cutting machine application industry

Advertising industry: large blister word cutting, two-color plate engraving, plexiglass engraving and cutting, sign engraving, crystal trophy engraving, authorization card engraving, etc.;

Craft gift industry: wood, bamboo, ivory, bone, leather, marble, shell and other materials are engraved with exquisite patterns and texts.

Packaging and printing industry: cutting of engraving and printing rubber sheets, plastic sheets, double-layer sheets, and die-cutting sheets.

Leather garment processing industry: engraving, cutting, engraving, hollowing and other processing of complex characters and graphics such as genuine leather, synthetic leather, artificial leather, fabrics, furs, clothing, underwear, home decorations, gloves, handbags, shoes and hats, toys, etc. The tailoring of the industry goes beyond fashion and expresses individuality.

Model industry: production of sand table building models and aircraft models, ABS board cutting, multi-layer board cutting and other product identification industries: equipment nameplates, product anti-counterfeiting signs, etc.

Other industries: engraving and marking of decorative building materials such as marble and granite, cutting of paper products such as paper-cuts and greeting cards.

Jiabang Laser, established in 2012, has purchased a production base of more than 30,000 square meters and has more than 300 employees. As a professional supplier of laser application solutions, its products include flat-panel fiber laser cutting machine, plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting machine, pipe Fiber laser cutting machine, large enclosure protection fiber laser cutting machine, exchange platform fiber laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser engraving and cutting machine, fiber laser marking machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine, handheld laser welding machine , handheld laser cleaning machine and so on. The products are also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States and other regions, and the product quality has been praised by foreign friends!

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