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CNC engraving machine quotation in 2022

First, know the hardness, stiffness, or substrate of the material:

Wood: Generally speaking, the carving on wood is usually Yin carving, and the depth of carving is usually required to be deeper. If you encounter hardwoods, the engraving machine will make a harsh noise, so consider a lower processing speed. The depth of the wood engraved by the CNC engraving machine should not be too deep, which will have a great impact on the service life of the spindle. Also, the speed should not be too fast, which has a great impact on the tool and the engraving machine itself. The larger engraving depth depends on the wood material and the power of the engraving machine. If you want to cut thick wood, you can slow down the carving speed.

CNC Router MachineMDF: Although the hardness of MDF is not high, if the processing is too fast, the processed surface will be uneven, so the processing speed should be reduced accordingly.

Plywood: Plywood is carved with efficiency and safety, because if it is machined too deep or too fast due to texture, it will cause the material to stick to the knife, resulting in inaccurate machining.

Theoretical knowledge: The training must start with theoretical training, and operators must conduct practical operation training in an environment that has passed the theoretical review. If the theoretical review fails, there is no practical training. Theoretical knowledge includes safety knowledge, safety precaution knowledge and machine basic knowledge. An understanding of the operation panel. Program structure and basics.

CNC Router Machine

CNC engraving machine quotation

Knives: The knives of the engraving machine are also an essential part of the machine operation. First, clarify the different meanings of engraving and cutting, the understanding of props, and the basic understanding of paths. Operators can carefully operate common tools, engraving motor speed, travel speed, etc. And it must be understood that he must be familiar with the application of knives. You have to be bold and careful.

CNC Router Machine

Mechanical origin and workpiece origin: Be sure to understand the difference between the mechanical origin and the workpiece origin, and understand how to use the mechanical origin.

Software operation: Software training can only be carried out after passing the above training. Software training should be in the user application field; unnecessary aspects of the user can be taught according to the training manual. The requirements of the software are: basic software version understanding, basic operations, path generation, and the ability to quickly find path errors.

Recommended equipment: four-head CNC engraving machine

Four-head CNC engraving machine, as the name suggests, is a four-head CNC engraving machine, that is, four heads can be processed at the same time or used alone, which is four times more efficient than a single head. Compared with the ordinary woodworking engraving machine, the independent four-head CNC engraving machine has three more independent processing spindles, which can be processed on one sheet at the same time, which is different from the one-to-multiple-spindle engraving machine, which is limited to batches suitable for small processes. Production, the independent four-head CNC engraving machine is also suitable for the engraving of door panels, coffins and other processes.

CNC engraving machine quotation


  1. The steel structure of the high-speed CNC engraving machine is welded with thick-walled steel pipes, which are treated by vibration and aging, which is durable and not easy to deform.
  2. Using German ball screw, imported linear guide, high precision and durability.
  3. Strong software compatibility, compatible with type3/artcam/Wentai and other CAD/CAM design and production software.
  4. Using the USB interface mode DSP handle operating system, it can work completely offline, does not occupy computer resources, and is more convenient to operate.
  5. The design is more user-friendly, and it can be handy whether cutting vigorously or pecking carefully. .

Scope of application:

Wooden door and furniture decoration industry:

Solid wood and composite doors, cabinet doors, large-area board plane carving, solid wood carving and milling, panel furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving and other industries;

Wooden handicraft processing:

Clock frames, craft photo frames, calligraphy plaques, electrical counter tops, sporting goods equipment, thin aluminum plate engraving.

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