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What woodworking projects can CNC wood router do?


Wood processing project

Mainly used for processing various doors, windows, cabinets, and other furniture decorations. In fact, CNC wood router can not only be used to process wood, but also other metals such as plastic, acrylic, aluminum, and copper. It is also widely used in the musical instrument industry, advertising industry, decoration industry and architectural model industry. In addition, it can also be used for large-scale flat panel carving, panel furniture carving, solid wood carving and milling. Here are some common wood products in this industry that require CNC milling machines.


Cupboard door

In the woodworking industry, carving cabinet doors is one of the most popular applications for CNC wood router. Wooden cabinet manufacturers buy CNC woodworking machines, which are usually used for mass production, reducing costs and increasing output. In addition, if equipped with multiple spindles, the CNC wood router can also perform processing at the same time, which saves time. At the same time, a variety of different tools can be used to process cabinet doors, drawers, dining tables, etc.

Chair, table and cylindrical staircase armrest sofa legs

The advantage of CNC wood router is that it not only saves production time, but is no longer limited to die plane carving. The CNC woodworking machine is equipped with a rotating shaft, uses intelligent software, and uses computer software to design digital curve models. The software supports 3D format and can be modified on the computer according to the processing needs of different customers. In our lives, some Roman columns and columns in parks and office buildings are processed in this way.

CNC machines are highly intelligent and highly automated machines, not traditional machines. Therefore, users can process different carving curve parameters that need to be designed to process products such as chairs, sofa legs, and stair handrails. The CNC wood router processing is more creative and intelligent, so it meets the customer’s customization requirements and produces personalized products.

Musical instrument production and processing industry

CNC wood router are now slowly being used in the musical instrument processing industry. The wood carving machine equipped with a rotating shaft becomes a 3D engraving machine. You can operate the machine to carve the three-dimensional surface of the musical instrument and complete the carving of the pattern shape. This machine can choose high-quality brands, and the surface of the processed samples is smooth and detailed. Today, more and more manufacturers use 3D woodcarving machines to produce shell panels for guitars, cellos and violins.

Wooden Art Processing Industry

CNC Woodworking machine can also be used for the processing of handicrafts and artworks: such as craft photo frames, toy models, sporting goods, etc.

Advertising decoration industry

Because CNC wood router can be used to cut acrylic panels, aluminum-plastic panels, decorative materials and MDF panels, etc., they are also widely used in the advertising industry today, such as human-shaped signs, light signs, billboards, etc., users can design their own personalized pattern. In addition, the woodworking machine can also be used in the EVA processing industry to cut and engrave EVA materials, EPS, foam materials, such as EVA material packaging tools, express packaging foam, medical packaging and electronic products. 

So what factors will affect the price of CNC wood router?

A variety of factors can affect the price of a machine, such as objective factors such as market environment, market supply and demand, price fluctuations, etc.; supervisory factors are the choice of machine configuration, parts, and functionality, which are also the main factors that affect the price. In addition, shipping costs to different countries, fluctuations in the price of raw materials from suppliers, and different labor costs will also affect prices.

A good brand is the first factor to consider when buying a CNC machine. There are tens of thousands of manufacturers, and there are significant differences in the market competitiveness of different brands. iGOLDENCNC has accumulated rich experience in the CNC engraving machine market in the process of brand building. Therefore, it can more effectively guarantee product quality and performance, and provide customers with guaranteed pre-sale training, sales guidance and after-sale guarantee. Thereby improving customer satisfaction. Therefore, with the continuous improvement of the quality and added value of CNC wood router, the price of well-known brands of CNC machines is also higher than that of ordinary brands.

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