Woodworking engraving machine

Woodworking engraving machine operation method and steps

Low cost 3 axis Woodworking engraving machine kit is used for flatbed carving and cutting wood furniture, gifts, boxes, models, arts and crafts, signs, logos, jewelry carving, now the best 3 axis  CNC router table for sale at an affordable price.

3 axis CNC router is a CNC routing machine with X aixs, Y axis and Z axis, it will go along three different axis at the same time. X-axis will move from left to right, Y-axis will move from front to back, and Z-axis will move up and down. 3 axis CNC machines are used primarily for machining flat, 2D and 2.5D parts. 3 axis CNC router is also known as 3 axis CNC machine, 3 axis CNC cutter, 3 axis CNC router kit, 3 axis CNC carving machine. The functional software behind any CNC machine is its CAD/CAM software. CAD software allows users to create the designs they wish to engrave. After completing this design, the CAM software converts the design into toolpath code that the machine can understand. The computer then converts this code into a signal that controls the movement of the machine’s drive system. The drive system includes a spindle, which is the part that saves the actual machine position. The spindle rotates 8,000 to 50,000 times per minute to cut the material. In short, users create designs and use software to make instructions for the machine.

  1. Woodworking engraving machineBefore using the woodworking engraving machine, first confirm that all connections between the machine and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power of the machine and the computer. After the system starts, enter the Ncstudio CNC system.


  1. After turning on the control system, select the menu of “Return to Mechanical Origin”. The machine will automatically return to the mechanical origin and correct the system coordinate system.
  1. Woodworking engraving machine

In some cases, such as turning the machine back on and continuing the last operation after the last graceful shutdown, the user does not have to perform a mechanical reset. When the Ncstudio system exits normally, the current coordinate information will be saved. Also, it cannot do this if the user confirms that the current location is correct.


  1. Before processing, the user generally needs to load the processing program that needs to be searched, otherwise, some functions related to automatic processing are invalid. Selecting the “Open (F) | Open (O)…” menu will play from the Windows standard file operations dialog, from which you can select the drive, path and filename to open the file. When the “Open” button is clicked, the process will load the system.
  1. Woodworking engraving machine
  1. Determine the origin of the workpiece, manually move the x and y directions of the woodworking engraving machine to the desired origin position on the workpiece, and select the “Set current point as the origin of the workpiece” menu, or in the coordinate window, set the coordinates of the current position The value is reset to zero so that machining is performed at the starting point of the current position when the machining program is executed.


Scope of application of woodworking engraving machine:

  1. Wooden door and furniture decoration industry:

Solid wood composite door, cabinet door, large area plate carving, milling, wood carving furniture carving, antique carving mahogany furniture, solid wood art mural carving and other industries.


  1. Wood crafts processing:

Watch boxes, photo frame craftsmanship, calligraphy plaques, electronic counter tops, sports equipment, aluminum plate milling and engraving.


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