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Engraving machine operation tutorial process video

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  1. Multi Spindle CNC Router MachineCheck the coolant temperature and storage capacity in the coolant tank before using the engraving machine. Turn on the refrigerator (water pump) to ensure the normal circulation of the coolant.
  2. When loading the card material, it must be firm, and the principle of “loading, loading, and leveling” must be followed. It is strictly forbidden to carry out engraving and milling in the place where the material is suspended.
  3. When installing the clamping tool, the dust and debris in the chuck must be cleaned up first, then the chuck must be screwed into the pressure cap and locked, and then installed on the motor shaft and the tool inserted into the chuck. Then lock the pressure cap. When the upper and lower knives of the mold engraving machine loosen the pressure cap, it is strictly forbidden to push and pull and use the rotating method. When cutting the knife, the waste on the chuck should be cleaned first, and the pressure cap of the tool chuck should be removed together with the tool.
  4. When installing the tool, the length of the exposed chuck of the tool must be determined with reference to the engraving and milling depth, the workpiece, and the fixture. The length of the exposed chuck should be as short as possible when the conditions are met. When the total length of the tool is less than 22mm, it is strictly forbidden to continue. use.
  5. When installing the tool, the length of the tool handle extending into the chuck must be greater than 18mm.
  6. Cutting fluid must be added when machining metal, and the cutting fluid must be rushed to the tool.
  7. The engraving and milling machine is a kind of light processing equipment. The sum of the weight of the workpiece loaded by the computer engraving machine and the processing waste should not exceed the rated bearing capacity of the machine tool.
  8. Before engraving and milling, carefully check whether the size and performance of the tool used meet the processing programming requirements.
  9. Carefully check whether the tool path is correct before machining.
  10. Be sure to reconfirm whether the starting point of each axis is correct before starting processing.
  11. The spindle motor must rest for two hours every day.Four Head Woodworking CNC Router

Application scope of engraving machine

Smoking engraving. Sole mold processing. Bathroom faucet engraving. Finely carved jewelry.

Decorative engraving. Bowling ball lettering. Motorcycle gear lever machining.

Inkstone art carving and processing. Golf head letter and line processing.

Pastry mold making, etc., to name a few. Watch watch notice case mould making.

Printing industry: used for embossing board production. EDM machine for electric plate engraving.

Engraving machine operation tutorial process video

Processing of hydraulic pump shaft stator and oil seal oil tank. Processing of complex parts such as water tank compressor valve plate.

Camera aperture zoom parts and scale processing. Wood industry: used for embossed pattern design and production.

Automobile industry: processing of tire moulds, lamp moulds and decoration moulds.

Machining industry: dial wheel and ruler engraving. Shipbuilding: Plane layout and sign engraving of cabin panels.

Production of various employee badges, all kinds of house signs, signs. Seal industry: seal engraving of various fonts and materials.

Minting industry: printing money and watermark anti-counterfeiting mold and coin mold production.

Model making industry: making sand table models, house models, etc. Packaging industry: hot stamping of luggage, making of plastic type for carton packaging.

Circuit making in the development of printed circuit board (PCB) products, drilling and milling, etc.

Tobacco industry: used for packaging anti-counterfeiting signs of cigarette packs, making templates and making cigarette character wheels.

Mold industry: engraving button relief mold, printing bronzing mold, injection mold, blow mold, stamping mold, eye mold, etc.

Advertising and gift making industry: used for engraving all kinds of two-color plate signs, plexiglass, Vant stone door plates, three-dimensional billboards, decorative gifts, two-color human statues in light boxes, embossed medals, in-wall lamp houses, light guide plate carved lamp houses , Organo-board relief three-dimensional door and so on.

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