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CNC plasma cutting machine price in 2022

How much is a CNC plasma cutting machine? A CNC plasma cutting machine can cost as little as 30,000 to 50,000, and as many as more than 100,000. Shandong Jiabang CNC is a professional CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer. It has brought a lot of value and benefits to sheet metal processing, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, mechanical processing, elevator manufacturing, precision parts and other industries. Shandong Jiabang CNC equipment sells well all over the country and has been well received by many customers.

The price of the CNC plasma cutting machine depends on the stainless steel to be processed. The thickness and format of the stainless steel are different, and the power and format of the CNC cutting machine to be selected are naturally different. Generally, stainless steel below 1mm can choose 63A plasma power supply, and stainless steel larger than 5mm generally chooses 120A power. The higher the power, the more expensive the price. The larger the stainless steel format, the larger the machine tool required, and the more expensive the price.

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CNC cutting machines have increasingly become a necessary processing method in the sheet metal processing industry, and have gradually become popular in the metal processing industry. While its demand continues to expand, the cost of CNC cutting machines is of course everyone’s concern.

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CNC cutting machine

As we all know, the same car is divided into high, medium and low configuration, and the price is also divided into three grades. Similarly, the cost of the CNC cutting machine is also closely related to the configuration of the equipment itself. Today we will discuss the factors that affect the price of CNC cutting machines.

Equipment value

The value of the equipment mainly includes the quality of the equipment, the processing efficiency of the equipment, and the quality is mainly reflected in the quality and quantity of the accessories. For example, generally imported products are of higher quality and relatively more expensive than domestic ones. Additional equipment such as automatic assembly lines or exchange platforms for CNC cutting machines will also increase the cost of the equipment. Equipment value is one of the important factors that affects how much a CNC cutting machine costs.

Factory service

Service quality is also a part of equipment cost. When purchasing CNC equipment, it is recommended to choose Shandong Jiabang CNC, a manufacturer with relatively stable technology and intimate service quality, which can not only better solve the pre-sale, after-sale and after-sale problems of equipment purchase, but also Bonus points for the quality of your equipment.

Brand Merchant

The reason why a brand is a brand is not only because it has undergone a long period of technical precipitation, but also because it is more recognized by the industry. Then it is recommended to choose a brand merchant to buy a CNC cutting machine. Of course, the price of the brand will be better, but of course the quality will also be better.

Therefore, users who want to ask how much a CNC cutting machine costs can be measured by the above factors, comprehensively consider choosing the most suitable equipment, and avoid detours before purchasing equipment.

Advantages of CNC plasma cutting machine

Adopt high-rigidity heavy-duty machine tool to effectively improve the stability of the machine tool and reduce the vibration generated during high-speed cutting;

Open gantry double-drive structure, convenient loading and unloading, economical;

The overall appearance is atmospheric, the structure is compact and reasonable, and the floor area is small;

Adopt imported plasma power supply, cutting head and special control system. High precision cutting can be achieved;

Ultra-low operating cost, the plasma power supply only consumes 3-4 degrees per hour, and can cut various metal sheets by blowing air;

Application field of CNC plasma cutting machine: CNC plasma cutting machine can cut a variety of metal sheets and pipes, mainly suitable for rapid cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, manganese steel, galvanized sheet, various alloy sheets, rare metals and other materials;

Widely used in: kitchen electrical, sheet metal chassis frame, frame equipment, electrical equipment, lighting hardware, advertising signs, auto parts, display equipment, various metal products, sheet metal cutting and other industries

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