Stone engraving machine

The choice of stone engraving machine

In recent years, stone carving, stone carving, stone decoration, and stone decoration have been developing at a high growth rate. So how to increase the rate of extrusion and how to choose a suitable stone engraving machine?

stone engraving machineThe choice of stone carving machine has the following five points:

  1. stone engraving machine power

The motor of the stone engraving machine has several kilowatts and low power. The power of some engraving machines is only suitable for wood carving and soft leather engraving. Because the stone is relatively strong, the power base will be 4.5-5.5KW. This type of carving is several kilowatts. Machines are also divided into two categories: one engraving machine is for processing small billboards, and the other is the precision of the engraving machine for cutting large surfaces, but the accuracy of this engraving machine is relatively poor.

Stone engraving machine

  1. stone engraving machinemotor

The motor of the engraving head of the engraving machine is a very important part of the stone engraving machine, and the motor will immediately harm the performance index of the engraving machine. Another thing to pay attention to is whether the speed of the engraving head motor can be adjusted. If it can be adjusted, it means that the engraving machine has a wider range of engraving and a larger application range. Because of the different materials for engraving, it must be used. Different turning head rotations.

  1. Assembly process of stone engraving machine

The stone engraving machine of several kilowatts requires a stable machine tool and engraving head. Superstar CNC stone engraving machine uses a heavy-shaped lathe and a high-precision cutting head to ensure the reliability of engraving and the precision of extrusion molding.

As a professional manufacturer of custom engraving machines, Superstar CNC has 18 years of production and sales experience. Superstar CNC will carry out in-depth contact with customers, understand the customer’s engraving requirements, and apply its own professional skills to recommend customers to meet their own engraving. The required high-quality stone engraving machine.

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