4 Process CNC Nesting Machine

Abnormal noise in the spindle of the CNC opener for cabinet doors

After using the machine for a long time, customers who purchase the CNC cutting machine will find that the machine has some small problems, and they often cannot judge where the problem is. In fact, most problems can be judged from the abnormal noise from the CNC cutting machine. the location where it appears.

Four Process Nested CNC RouterWhen the CNC cutting machine is working, the machine stops one step at a time, and there is noise, which is normal. The wood furniture cutting machine will vibrate at a certain frequency, and there is obvious noise. This kind of noise will not affect the normal operation of the cnc wood router 4 axis and tool changer. The following two abnormal noises are the problems of the machine and their solutions measure:

4 Process CNC Nesting Machine

  1. The spindle motor of the CNC cutting machine makes abnormal noise

(1) The bearing inside the main shaft has quality problems;

(2) The life of the main shaft bearing has been exhausted;

(3) The wear quality is reduced or damaged.

The spindle needs to be replaced in time in these three situations. If there is a problem just after buying it, it is found that the above situation should explain the reason to the manufacturer and solve it rationally!

  1. Abnormal sound is emitted during axial movement

This phenomenon mostly exists on the X-axis, mostly because the axial motor bearing is damaged or the X-axis guide rail lacks lubricating oil, the X-axis is dirty, tight, some balls are worn, the balls fall, etc. At this time, it must be timely. Clean up, add lubricating oil, etc.

In fact, the appearance of these two phenomena also makes us realize that we must pay attention to daily maintenance. Because the cnc machine for wood woodworkingis a long-term work, the machine wear is inevitable, and it is necessary to add lubricating oil in time and clean up foreign objects on the track.

When the machine is abnormal, it needs to suspend the work and restart after finding the cause and solving it. If it cannot be solved, you can feedback to the manufacturer to solve the problem.

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