CNC Router Controller Complete Guide

The CNC router machine controller is like a human brain, controlling the performance and quality of the entire CNC router machine.

We all know that the CNC router machine mainly includes two parts, such as machine frameworks, and CNC controller control. The machine framework is like a human body, and the control system is like a human brain and a soul. Today we will discuss the brain of the CNC router controller.

What is a CNC router controller?

The CNC controller is the control core of the CNC router machine. Its performance directly affects the processing quality and efficiency of wood engraving machines. Therefore, no matter whether we are users or businesses, we must understand the CNC router controller.

CNC Router Controller Component

The CNC router controller consists of three parts. One is the driver, the second is the inverter, the third is the CNC controller and control software.

  1. Driver. It functions is the pulse signal provided by the controller to drive stepper motor movement. One of the most important functions of the driver is the pulse breakage. Each stepper motor has a complete square pulse signal that will generate a fixed step.
  2. Converter. Its main function is to convert the received machine signal to the pulse signal. The main function of the converter is to adjust the operating speed of the spindle by adjusting the power supply frequency.
  3. The CNC router controller is the core part of the CNC router machine control system. Its main function is to execute computer software commands and control the inverter and drive it to work.

What is the common type of CNC router controller?

The ordinary CNC router controller on the market mainly includes three categories. It includes computer control, handle control, and integrated machine control.

  1. Computer control. This control method is to install a control card on the PCI slot of the computer motherboard and install the software driver on the computer to control the walking path of the CNC router machine and the rotation of the spindle motor. This control mode can preview the processing effect. If you can correct the program load error in time, we can see the handling track at any time.
  2. Handle control. We can hold this control method in your hand to control the processing path of the wood engraving machine. It has the advantages of saving space, the tool settings, no need to take up a computer. But its disadvantage is to operate a bit trouble. Because all functions are integrated on the control panel. If the operation is unskilled, it is easy to press the error function key to directly preview the processing effect.
  3. A machine control. This control method adopts independent integrated design, industrial computer, PLC and other integrated control. With rich interfaces and complete features, it can achieve multi-axis control and automatic tool. The control system is mainly used in high-end CNC routers, machining centers, and some of the mold machines, control systems, and all aspects of performance, control accuracy, etc. are better than other categories. The disadvantage is that the operation is relatively complex, the price is high.

CNC Router Controller Operation Steps

We have professional videos, you can refer to our videos:

Other considerations during the operation of the CNC router controller

1.Machine stop

In the automatic processing, in an emergency, select the menu item operation (O) | Emergency stop (B), the CNC router machine will stop processing immediately. If you want to restart your processing, you must first select Operation (O) | Emergency Stop Recovery (R), then select Operation (O) | Start or Continue (S) menu, the CNC router machine will restart from the first sentence of the handler Processing process, otherwise the machine will not work properly.

2.Machine suspension

During the automatic processing, if you need to pause processing, select the Operation (O) | Pause (P) menu item, the machine will stop processing after performing the current processing statement. At this point, if you want to continue the handler, simply select the Operation (O) | Start or Continue menu item.

3.Program SKIP execution

Select the Advanced Start (a) menu item and pop up a dialog box that requires you to execute the first sentence of the program to the end of the program. If you fill in the sentence segment number and click the Start button, the machine will press you only to perform a statement in the program. However, you must have a segment number before performing this function program statement.

4.Direct positioning function

If you want to find a point quickly, you can try the direct positioning function.

The shortcut to enter the direct positioning function is F5, and the shortcut to exiting the direct positioning function is ESC.

In the direct positioning function window, enter the + symbol before X to achieve increment input.

Enter * The X front in the direct positioning function window to achieve mechanical coordinate positioning.

Enter the @ signature in the direct positioning function window to implement the function of correcting the origin of the workpiece (including adding depth)

Recommended some popular CNC router controllers

Mach3 controller

This is an open CNC router controller with simple operation, convenient maintenance, openness, stable performance, low price, and strong compatibility. In addition, it also has 3D dynamic display tracking, automatic tool settings, program jumps, and other features.

Wei Hong controller

The CNC router controller adopts user-friendly interface design. This controller can not only be visually observed, but also make the operation more easily and timely. The program is very high, and various engraving CAM software can be imported directly or indirectly. Therefore, this type of CNC router controller has the advantages of humanized design, simple operation, simple operation, complete function, high compatibility.

FANUC control system

The FANUC control system has the advantages of complete function, high stability, high compatibility, simple operation, high control accuracy. In addition, humanized design allows the control system to play better processing efficiency and quality.

SYNTEC control system

With an open PLC program, we can plan according to the demand requirements. Complete features, simple loops implement flexible conversation programming, easy to operate. In addition, it also provides a graphical simulation function that promotes program error checking. The handwheel simulation function uses the handwheel to control the tool path for handling and inspection.

LNC control system

With independent integrated design, industrial computers, PLC integration control, rich interface, complete feature, can achieve multi-axis control and automatic tool changes. In addition, the anti-interference ability of the control system, and all aspects of performance, more controlled accuracy is better than other CNC router controllers.

DSP control system

The CNC router controller uses the handle to manually control the movement of the wood engraving machine without occupying a separate computer, which greatly reduces the space occupied by the device. In addition, the tool set is more convenient and easy to operate. This control method has the advantage of low cost, simple operation and simple operation.

Siemens control system

Siemens control system is a control system that integrates all CNC system components, such as digital controllers, programmable controllers, in the form of an operation panel installation. It is suitable for controlling a variety of complex processing tasks, with better dynamic quality and control accuracy than other systems. This control method has the advantage of high reliability, easy to install and use.

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