Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

The choice of Engraving machine

What is the difference between a CNC engraving machine and a ATC CNC Router?What kind of equipment should you buy? As a user, of course, you must choose the right equipment. Superstar CNC will talk to you about the difference between the CNC engraving machine and a ATC CNC Router.

  1. Multi Spindle CNC Router MachineCNC engraving machine

CNC engraving machine has part of the connotation of high-speed milling machine, the spindle speed can reach about 30,000RPM, but the spindle power is smaller than the ATC CNC Router. The high spindle speed is suitable for the processing of small tools, focusing on the “engraving” function, which is not suitable for strong cutting. For soft metals, it can be processed at high speed and can be processed in fine detail. The processing accuracy is high. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for heavy cutting due to its poor rigidity. Because it focuses on small parts, the volume of the machine tool is much smaller than that of the machining center and high-speed milling.

Multi Spindle CNC Router Machine

CNC engraving machines are widely used in the advertising industry and woodworking industry, mainly for some acrylic cutting, MDF engraving cutting and woodworking engraving

  1. ATC CNC Router

The spindle speed of the ATC CNC Router is about 0~10000RPM, which is used to complete the processing equipment of the workpiece with a large amount of milling. The structure of the ATC CNC Router machine tooldetermines that the flexibility is not good, and it is powerless for small parts and rapid feed.

ATC CNC Routerare widely used in wood furniture industry, advertising industry and mold industry. Auxiliary processing such as plane cutting, milling, edge banding, drilling, and engraving of panel furniture, and engraving of metal and non-metal molds.

Woodworking machine

Therefore, if you want to choose a suitable machine, you need to consider the purpose of engraving and cutting materials, as well as the selection of some accessories.

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