What Are The Advantages Of Engraving Machine For Granite Stone

The tombstone and stone carving industry has special characteristics. Therefore, more and more young people are reluctant to use hand-carved stone, which also promotes the progressive of stone carving to mechanization. Many stone carving practitioners choose engraving machine for granite stone to replace hand-carved.


 Engraving Machine For Granite Stone

Engraving Machine For Granite Stone Advantage

Advantage 1: Power

The main factor that affects the intensity is the motor power. The general power is above three kilowatts. The tool can be clamped to. The aspect that affects the strength is the configuration of the engraving machine parts.

Advantage 2: Speed

That is, pay attention to processing efficiency. As long as the strength can be achieved, the service life of the machine must be considered as quickly as possible.

Advantage 3: Accuracy

Whether it is engraving or cutting, it must be in a good position for a long time, and the engraving must be smooth and straight.

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Advantage 4: Complete functions

Advantage 5: Vacuum adsorption: The traditional large cnc router machinemust use a pressure plate to fix the plate, which will inevitably lead to the insufficient use of the plate or troublesome operation. The machine uses vacuum suction to fix the printing plate on the engraving table. It can be divided into six areas to handle printing plates of different sizes.

Advantage 6: Vacuum: Due to the influence of dust flying around the engraving machine during the process of engraving slate, increasing the degree of vacuum can solve the problem.

Energy saving: The biggest energy loss comes from the spindle motor. The traditional engraving machine needs to manually control the spindle cutting motor. It is inevitable to forget to turn off the spindle after engraving, which wastes energy and poses safety risks. After the engraving machine stops working, the spindle of the engraving machine stops automatically.

Offline: Taking into account the surrounding environment of the engraving machine and the convenience of adopting the new control system, the computer can be connected to the engraving machine without a data cable at all, which is simple to operate and has strong compatibility.

 Engraving Machine For Granite Stone

Engraving machine for granite stone for sale is much economical and suitable for high precision finishing for molds and components. A CNC granite engraving machine price is a machine tool-driven mechanical device that works on the codes generated by the computer. The CNC stone granite engraving machine price in India interprets the codes as electrical signals and by using them it makes precise repetitive movements of various axes of the CNC machine.

Features Of Engraving Machine For Granite Stone
• Profiled Steel Welded Lathe Bed, Stabilizing treated under artificial prescription ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and vigorous strength.
• Precise traveling of Y axis driven by double motors ensures stable performance of machine.
• High Precision rack transmission ensures high accuracy, fast speed and strong power.
• Imported sqaure linear guide rail ensures high accuracy, maximum work load and service time.
• Best Mechanical and electrical design with well selected brand parts minimum breakdown rate.
• Overall dust proof and water proof design protects all moving parts of machine.
• Filtration system provided which filters the cutting oil from stone dust and re-circulate cutting oil ongoingly.
• .High quality electronic components from top-rated suppliers , which have advanced anti -interference capabilities and stable signals, and suitable for different working environments.

Applicable industry and material
Applicable industry:widely used in large stone panel engraving industry,craft processing and building material industry.
Applicable material: stone,artificial marble,glass,brass,aluminum etc. Soft metal plate

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