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Straight row tool changer automatic CNC cutting machine

CNC cutting machine: automatic CNC cutting machine for straight row tool change, CNC cutting machine is a CNC machine tool for making furniture, we all know that furniture is generally made of wood, so furniture CNC cutting machine It is the woodworking CNC cutting machine that we often say. The current broad classification on the market consists of solid wood furniture and panel furniture, and our general furniture CNC cutting machine generally refers to panel furniture. Panel furniture has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient disassembly and low price. In addition, panel furniture is generally man-made panel, which is more sustainable than solid wood furniture. Solid wood furniture is generally more expensive, because solid wood requires a growth cycle, and the materials for good solid wood furniture require a growth cycle of decades, which completely restricts the supply of solid wood furniture. .

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Due to the various advantages of panel furniture, the current furniture market is basically dominated by panel furniture, so the production of so many panel furniture requires equipment, so in response to market demand, panel furniture CNC cutting machine was born. . The development history of panel furniture CNC cutting machine, cutting saw, CNC engraving machine, panel furniture CNC cutting machine. Whether it is in terms of processing speed, processing difficulty, or processing accuracy, it is improving step by step. At present, the market demand for whole-house custom furniture continues to increase. Most panel furniture processing factories are considering replacing or adding new custom furniture production lines to reduce labor and improve production efficiency. CNC cutting machines have gradually replaced traditional cutting saws. The CNC cutting machine has the functions of slotting, punching and modeling, and can assist the loading and unloading platform to realize production automation. It can be said that the quality of the CNC cutting machine directly affects the fundamentals of a panel furniture factory.

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The CNC cutting machine is equipped with professional cutting software to give full play to its powerful functional advantages, such as online design, one-key unpacking, optimized layout, positioning, etc. It greatly improves the utilization rate of the board and saves labor at the same time. According to statistics, the CNC cutting machine optimizes the plate layout processing, and the plate usage rate is above 95%; the manual typesetting, the plate usage rate is generally about 80%. In this way, the use of numerical control equipment can save more than 100,000 plates per year. Therefore, it seems that the investment in the previous CNC equipment is relatively large, but in fact, a lot of costs are saved.

The advantage of CNC cutting machine is the high degree of automation. Instead of the traditional manual operation, the CNC cutting machine can realize automatic loading and unloading. Only one worker is required to perform some necessary turning work in the whole process, which greatly improves the processing speed and efficiency.

High machining accuracy, fast data processing speed and stable operation. Simple and intuitive interface, the CNC cutting machine is easy to learn; the automatic tool setting function allows users to operate the equipment more conveniently and quickly, while ensuring the accuracy of the equipment.

The operation is simple, the CNC cutting machine is a fool-like operation, all the dimensions are calculated by the disassembly software, and all the programs are executed by the computer. The operation is simple, and any furniture factory employee can operate it through simple training.

The plate utilization rate is high, and the production optimization typesetting software can optimize the plate utilization rate according to the order.

Scope of application:

> Production and processing of various furniture: cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, computer desks, children’s furniture, panel furniture, cutting, slotting and perforating, decorative hollow frames, production of soft bag backdrops, etc.;

>Wooden door and furniture decoration industry: solid wood composite door, cabinet door, large area panel carving, solid wood, panel furniture carving, solid wood art mural, etc.;

> Processing of wood products: clocks, electronic countertops, sporting goods and equipment;

> Musical instrument industry: three-dimensional surfaces and shape cutting of engraving musical instruments;

> Arts and crafts industry: photo frames, jewelry boxes.

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