6090 Laser Engraving Machine

CO2 Laser Machines For Stone Engraving 100W

Laser engraving on stone offers incredible design options. You can permanently engrave names, patterns, structures or logos. Even detailed photos and graphics can be implemented with a laser engraving machine. It is equivalent to a kind of “matting” of the material. The contactless and therefore wear-free processing without exerting pressure on the material can save running costs on tools. Little or no material is removed and a clean, waste-free process is ensured.

6090 Laser Engraving MachineAdvantages of laser machines for stone engraving

CO2 laser engraving machine for stone is mostly used for souvenir production and manufacturing of signs and decorative elements for monuments and tombstones.

Engraving in the ritual sphere is performed with either impact marking machines or laser machines. According to experts, the second method has a number of significant advantages.

The image made on a best engraving machine for stone is of higher quality and more detailed. Due to the smaller diameter of the laser beam, the DPA value is 2500.  In contrast, for the impact marking machine, it is 128 DPA.

6090 Laser Engraving Machine

When engraving with a laser machine, the structure of the stone is preserved. The laser beam forms a pattern by evaporating the top layer of material. While an impact marking machine does it damaging stone and chipping pieces away.

A laser machine is much faster than an impact marking machine.

Laser machines consumables have a longer service life.

How does laser engraving on stone work?

Laser engraving melts the surface of the stone. It works directly on the material. Consequently, there is no need for producing a stencil.

What types of stones can be engraved with the laser?

Laser engraving on stone is particularly suited for polished, possibly dark natural stones, such as granite, marble, or slate. The more homogeneous and fine-grained the stone, the better the results produced by stone engraving. But thanks to their smooth surface, even pebble stones can be etched well with the laser. Another ideal candidate: White marble – on this

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