Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

Square Tube CNC Cutting Machine with Flame

What is the Square Tube CNC Cutting Machine ?

Intersecting Square Tube CNC Cutting Machine is an automatic metal tube cutting equipment, suitable for cutting and perforating various carbon steel, stainless steel, iron and other non-ferrous metal tubes. Standard equipped with two modes of plasma cutting and flame cutting, integrated structure, bilateral drive, fast cutting speed, low inertia and stable operation.

Plasma Pipe Cutting Machine

iGP-S series tube CNC cutting machine

The iGP-S series tube CNC cutting machine, which is popular among professional users, is suitable for professional processors dedicated to square tube processing.

>Aviation aluminium swingarm, lightweight and small inertia;

>API welding process standard, support AWS standard;

>Fast drawing efficiency and high cutting efficiency;

>Easy to operate, quickly remove obstacles, which is conducive to learning;

>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

The intersecting line square tube CNC cutting machine is the latest type of metal square tube cutting machine. It is the perfect choice for professional CNC users. It saves time and labour costs. This is the characteristic of iGOLDENCNC products and combines a set of competitive configurations.

It is widely used in the construction industry, chemical industry, marine shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, metallurgical industry, electric power industry, pressure vessels, steel bridges, petroleum pipelines, amusement equipment, refrigeration and heat exchange, automobile manufacturing, etc.

CNC Plasma Tubing Cutter Application

Applicable Field of Rotary CNC Tube Plasma Cutter

The cnc plasma tube cutter is ideal for intersecting line cutting application; process cut off, straight cut, angle cut, mitre cut, notch, pierce, open holes operations (round hole, rectangle hole, polygon hole, obround hole, and freeform hole) on square tube, rectangle tube, circular tube, H shape (H beam), L shape (angle iron), U-beam (channel), and freeform parts.

Square Tubing Plasma Cutting Machine Applicable Materials

Carbon Steel, Galvanized Tube, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, And Copper.

Widely used in electrical power, auto parts, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevalor equipment, advertising decoration, car decoration, sheet metal chassis cabinets, hardware, lighting, display equipment, precidion parts, all kinds of metal cutting industry etc.

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