Mini CNC Router User Guide

What is a mini CNC router?

Mini CNC router is also known as a small CNC router, desktop CNC router, hobby CNC router, homemade CNC router. This mini CNC router is relatively small compared to other ordinary CNC routers. It mainly includes 600 × 900 mm and 1200 × 1200 mm. This type of small CNC machine is compact, small area, easy to move and use.

This small CNC router uses advanced industrial digital control operation software and typographic processing software to complete various processing requirements for users’ small workpieces. Therefore, mini CNC router are popular in woodworking enthusiasts and advertising industries.

mini cnc router mini cnc router

The main classification of mini CNC router

From the perspective of processing functions, small CNC routers mainly include low-power small CNC and high-power small CNC machine. The low-power engraving machine refers to a CNC engraving machine with a small motor power, which is usually 80W to 200W. Due to its small motor power, it can only be used for badges, sand table models, and less time for the surface treatment of crafts. High-power small CNC router refers to its engraving machine engraving motor power higher than 700W.

This type of mini CNC router can not only perform low-power engraving, but also perform low-power engraving. Therefore, it can be used to produce crystal characteristics, various types of advertising marks, sheet cuts, artificial stone processing, etc. from the appearance, hobby CNC machine mainly includes traditional small CNC and desktop CNC routers.

Mini CNC router has a bed structure similar to a normal CNC wood router. We are concerned about this type of desktop CNC router. This desktop CNC machine has a table bed. And the overall height is lower than the ordinary wood CNC router. This feature has a particularly significant advantage in packaging and transportation. Therefore, packaging and transportation is convenient. It can also save more costs to some extent.

Advantages of mini CNC router

1.Various processing materials

Mini CNC routers are currently in the market. It can accommodate many materials such as solid wood, composite panels, aluminum plastic panels, PVC, acrylic plates, and the like.

2. Exact processing technology

Desktop CNC machines can handle depression, relief, etc., suitable for high-precision engraving. Currently, it can engrave digital and English letters, with an accuracy of 1 mm. It can also engrave a person with a size of 2 mm, the engraved surface is smooth and no burr.

3. Extensive application industry

In daily life, we can see products carved by the desktop CNC router. For example, tiles, antique furniture, molds, handicrafts, architectural models, signed advertising, etc., its application industry is very wide. Its market prospect is very broad.

4. High cost performance

This mini CNC router is very cost-effective than other wood CNC routers. No need to purchase costs, maintenance costs and training costs. Mini CNC router can also meet the basic processing needs of users.

mini cnc router

What can I do with Mini CNC router?

Small CNC machines are mainly used for engraving and milling of PVC, acrylic acid, two-color plates, plastics, gum, solid wood and soft metal materials, etc.. Also suitable for engraving PCB boards, model molds, handicrafts, plastic boxes, with limited specifications, aluminum alloy chassis, panel opening. In addition, it can do some methods such as 3D engraving, drilling and milling metal materials such as aluminum alloy and copper.

4 points to buy mini CNC router

1.Selection of format size.

Customers should select the model and strength of the amateur company router based on business needs and financial status. The common treatment dimensions of small CNC machines include a general small engraving machine such as 600 mm × 600 mm, 600 mm × 900 mm, 120 mm × 120 mm.

Large CNC router machine includes 1200 mm × 1200 mm, 200 mm × 1500 mm, 1500 mm × 2400 mm, 2400 mm × 3000 mm. The above types of feed width exceed 1328 mm. The size of the organic glass and PVC boards in the market is usually 1300 mm × 2400 mm, so if you want to process these models, you need a large CNC router.

2.Selection of spindle motors.

The spindle is an important part of the small CNC router machine. Its performance has an important impact on the performance of the amateur bus router. The machining spindle is usually divided into precision machining spindles and high power spindles.

The fine processing spindle motor has the characteristics of low noise, high speed and height. It applies to handling special fine workpieces such as seals, nameplates, badges and gifts. This type of motor is usually a high-speed frequency conversion motor having a small power, usually less than 250W.

However, the disadvantage of mini CNC Router is that it is not suitable for cutting thick materials, and the ability to cut thick materials is poor.

High-power spindle motors are primarily cutting and high-power engraving. It features high power and powerful cutting capabilities. It is especially suitable for cutting space and three-dimensional feature. Of course, it can also make breast emulsions, nameplates and seals.

3.Select the control mode.

The control method mainly includes three main methods. First, all processing processes are controlled by computer. In this control mode, the computer is working status when the desktop CNC router is running. Other typography work is impossible. This control method has high requirements for operation skills.

The second is to use single-chip microcomputer control. Such controllers can perform typography when small computers work, but we can’t turn off your computer. Therefore, the control method is equivalent to saving the computer and reducing the impact of the computer’s error operation.

The third is the control method of transmitting data using the USB port. The system has more than 32 meters. As long as you save your file, you can immediately leave and close your computer, or perform another typesette. This approach greatly improves the efficiency of the engraving machine.

The above three control methods have its own advantages. You can choose according to your preferences and needs, if you are not sure which method is best for you, we can recommend it for you.

4.Selection of rails. It is recommended to use a large-scale engraving machine to use loose imported square tracks. The load capacity and precision capacity of the square exceeds more than 30 times the circular orbit. Therefore, it can achieve high quality and high speed operations of the CNC machine. In addition, if it is a normal small format, the circular track is the ideal choice.

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